May 29, 2020

Desiles Aero introduce new V8.2 aero option parts

Coming from Desiles Aero are new aero option parts for the Shepherd Velox V8.2 on-road kit. First up is an extra long rear body mount arm. These arms are 2.7mm longer than the original part in order to increase the height of body. It does away with the need to put a piece of foam onto the rear body mount as some drivers do. Using the longer arms will ensure all downforce produced by the rear of the body is transferred directly to the wheels. The parts are 3-D-printed and allow the attachment of another new part, the optional arm wings. The latter were designed to improve rear downforce and traction at all speeds, making for a more planted ride. Like the body mount arms, the wings are 3-D-printed and they are a direct fit to the above body mount arms.

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May 27, 2020

Desiles Aero V8.2 servo saver lock

Coming from Desiles Aero is their new servo saver lock for the Shepherd V8.2 kit. The tool allows to lock the servo saver in neutral position without having to switch the transmitter and receiver on, allowing for exact and symmetrical toe adjustments every time by simply placing it on the radio plate above the servo saver.

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May 11, 2020

Desiles Aero 1/8th on-road body mount horns

Desiles Aero have announced the release of their new body mount horns for 1/8th on-road kits such as the ones from Mugen, Shepherd and WRC Racing. The 3-D-printed parts add to the rear body mount as usual, reinforcing the side dams of the body for improved aerodynamic efficiency, however the horns include a lower airfoil that is meant to improve downforce for improved stability at high speeds. The add-on horns are available for Mugen, Shepherd and WRC Racing cars with more brand to follow shortly.

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