August 3, 2011

DCD sign Martin, Wilck & Rheinard


Jonas Glad of DirtChamp Design got in touch to tell us that Lee Martin, Viktor Wilck and Marc Rheinard are now part of the company’s factory team and that all three now use DCD’s TimeR lap counting system and a special edition of the LapR timing software to bring their practice and testing to a whole new level.

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July 6, 2011

DCD iLapR iPhone App

DCD iLapR iPhone App

DCD has been in touch to let us know that their iPhone app called iLapR is now available in the Apple App Store. iLapR features a great number of possibilities never seen in an RC app before. Working with DirtChamp Designs’ RC timing system TimeR, iLapR gives you Live lap times in your iPhone, no matter if you are standing on the drivers stand, next to the track or 1000 kilometers away from the track.

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February 6, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – Dirt Champ Design

DCD T:meR unit

Swedish company Dirt Champ Design, who we featured at last year’s fair, are back again this year with their production timing unit. The main box sits at the side of the track with an infrared transponder in the car and as the driver passes by it counts their lap time and displays it on the included timing software installed on a laptop, which makes it great for private testing. At the show they made a number of new announcements, one of them being that they will now sell the unit as a complete track package with 10 transponders along with the timing unit and software. The new improved software will now also be supported on the Mac platform, having been PC exclusive prior to this, and finally they will have a new iPhone app call iLapR that feeds the timing information from the timing laptop to your phone instantly over the internet. Although in the early stages they are also working on spoken lap times that can be transmitted via bluetooth to a headset on the driver, keeping them informed of their progress on track.

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December 7, 2010

Video – DirtChamp Design TimeR


Having previously written about DirtChamp Design’s next-gen multi-user RC Lap Counting system, TimeR, the Swedish company have released this promotional video outlining the main features of the product. A unique link to your laptop PC enables you to follow the racing action in real-time. Since no cables are required the level of simplicity is yet unseen in RC lap counting. Perfect for improving your practice sessions, set up a club race or beat your friends on your parking lot tracks, setup time is less than 10 minutes.

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October 7, 2010

DirtChamp Design TimeR

DirtChamp Design TimeR

Seen for the first time at the toy fair in Germany, the first product introduced by Swedish company DirtChamp Design is the multiuser RC Lap Counting system called TimeR. A unique link to your laptop PC enables you to follow the racing action in real‐time. Since no cables are required the level of simplicity is yet unseen in RC lap counting. They believe that TimeR will revolutionize the way people race RC Cars. Clubs can now easily afford their own lap timing system, the basher can set up a track in their backyard and race for the win, and the racer now has the perfect tool to become the next Marc Rheinard, Adam Drake or Ryan Mayfield. After a fully booked pre‐order list, the Swedish RC Multi User Lap Counting system is now ready for worldwide shipping from the company website.

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