May 5, 2020

X-Factory UK Sensor Protektorz chassis decals

X-Factory UK have introduced their new Sensor Protektorz chassis decals for the Team Associated B6.1 or 6.2, the TLR 22 5.0 series, Schumacher Cougar Laydown, Xray XB2 2018 to 2020 and the Yokomo YZ2 DTM and CAL. The stickers protect the motor sensor lead from damage and they are printed on durable, self-adhesive high-grade vinyl. They sport brand co-ordinated logos and schemes for that factory look and help to conceal the sensor lead in many of today’s leading 2WD buggies down the routed channel along the spine of the chassis. Each decal is die-cut to follow the machined recess’s and specific shape of the chassis and thus makes for a neat and tidy professional looking electrics install.

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August 15, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 4.8mm swaybar ball 2mm hole

Coming from DMS Partz are new 4.8mm swaybar balls with 2mm holes for the Corally SBX-410 4WD buggy. The black anodised balls feature a 2mm centre hole to accept larger size sway bars which comes in when running in high to very high bite track conditions. The swaybar balls come in sets of four and they are available now.

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May 4, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 Reactor shock pistons

Coming from DMS Partz and made by TMG Speed are the new Reactor shock pistons for the Corally SBX-410 buggy. The pistons are designed for better bump handling whilst still allowing the buggy to jump and land well. They come packed in pairs, and the pre-drilled ones are available as 2×1.2mm, 3×1.2mm or 4×1.2mm variants to allow drivers to tune and enlarge the holes to their own liking or preference, but also available are blank versions with four pilot holes to drill as required.

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April 30, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 brass centre chassis stiffener brace

Coming from DMS Partz is a 45 gram brass centre chassis stiffener brace for the Corally SBX-410 buggy. The weight replaces the stock plastic kit rear chassis stiffener brace and adds weight to the rear of the buggy, giving a better ride on bumpy or rutted tracks. The weight also helps to keep weight centralised on the chassis in between the LiPo battery and motor.

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May 18, 2017

DMS Partz angled charger & equipment stand

X-Factory UK have expanded their range of angles charger stands. The range now includes plain black, bright white, race red as well as the original blue version. Also available are two multi-colour versions with the red and black Limited Edition suits the new Corally Limited Edition charger range while the Patriot in red, white and blue suits those people form the likes of the UK, USA, France etc. who wish to proudly display their colours. Made of lightweight high density foam, the angled 4-piece stand is ideal for holding most of today’s chargers but can also be used for items such as tablet devices. The angled design makes viewing the charger’s screen easier and gives easier access to buttons or dials.

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May 18, 2017

DMS Partz 22SCT 3.0 laydown gearbox braces

X-Factory UK have introduced the new DMS Partz laydown gearbox brace set for the TLR 22 SCT 3.0 short course truck. Compatible with both the TLR and Exotek transmissions and also with either the kit standard body mounting or the new Exotek simple mount system, the assembly saves weight, increases rigidity and lowers the overall centre of gravity.

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October 10, 2016

DMS 1/14th Trim2Tune foam tyre inserts

DMS 1/14th Trim2Tune foam tyre inserts

X-Factory UK have introduced the DMS Trim2Tune tyre inserts for 1/14th scale micro off-road cars. The idea behind the inserts was that micro racers were always requesting different width inserts to fine-tune the grip levels on their micro buggies to differing tracks. Unlike many other classes the ranges of inserts on offer were quite minimal, so options were greatly reduced. DMS’s open cell inserts come very specifically as 50mm wide as the most popular width in use is still 25mm and for those racers happy with this width, they can simply cut them straight down the middle. For those who wish to create their own width specific to their requirements, they can be trimmed with conventional scissors to any width desired. The inserts come as pair, allowing to cut at least four inserts from a pack and they are available in a soft, medium and firm variant.

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October 6, 2016

DMS Racing 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts

DMS 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts

X-Factory UK have introduced the new DMS 1/10th short course truck tyre inserts. Of an open cell construction and available in the colour-coded hardnesses of firm, medium and soft, the inserts were tested by national and local level drivers and they are meant to offer exceptional durability and consistency. The foam inserts come in packs of two and including a DMS Insertz decal sheet.

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