February 1, 2013

DE Borrego SC wheel for Durango trucks

DE Racing have introduced a Borrego SC wheel for use on both the Team Durango DESC210 and DESC410 short course trucks. Modeled after their 1/10 buggy line, these wheels feature the realistic scale appearance of a beadlock wheel with mud cover, and can be used with their optional sticker disks to give a new level of color customizing. They have been offset +2.5mm from a stock Durango wheel and this added 5mm track width and modified steering scrub radius make the car more predictable and easy to drive. Available in black, silver, white & yellow.

Source: DE Racing [deracing.net]

August 20, 2012

Durango DESC210 Race Ready RTR

After months of development and testing, Durango have released their DESC210 Race Ready RTR 2WD off-road SC truck. Complete with Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions ‘Speed Passion’, it is ready to race, and win, from the moment you take it out of the box. This truck is an ideal introduction into the amazing and exciting hobby of RC car racing. If you think you have what it takes to win, then the DESC210 Race Ready RTR is the truck for you.

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February 13, 2012

Durango DESC210 2wd SC truck

At last weekends opening Euro Offroad Series race we were given a look at the soon to be released Team Durango DESC210 short course truck. The truck was making its debut in the Czech Republic and the team were using the event to test the final production parts on the car. Based off the DEX210 buggy, the chassis is all but identical but made longer to accommodate the larger trucks dimensions. Just like the DEX210, the car can be set up in rear or mid motor configurations, with the mid motor on carpet proving be very effective. We were told to expect a release in about 2 months.

View more images of the truck here

December 14, 2011

Durango DESC410R rear bumper

Durango have announced that the DESC410R rear bumper is now available. The new full-width rear bumper gives extra protection as well as scale looks and also meets the strict rules governing some race meetings where large rear bumpers are a requirement. The bumper can be run in lightweight or full-protection setups by adding or removing the included optional lower bar. The bumper comes supplied with instructions on fitting and you can read a full online guide on installing the bumper and cutting the bodyshell to fit.

View an image of the bumper mounted here

September 6, 2011

Durango DESC410R SC wheels in white

Durango now offer these new white wheels for their DESC410R short course truck. Identical to the original kit-supplied short course wheels, these high performance wheels use the same 15mm hex for superb power-handling but are now available in white. Molded from a strong and durable material for reliable performance whatever you put them through.

Source: Durango [team-durango.com]

April 18, 2011

Durango DESC410R underbody

New from Durango for the DESC410R, is this underbody, which is a great option for running on less than perfect tracks where you’re likely to get debris entering the chassis. It’s a great way of protecting your valuable electrics, or just keeping things clean. The cover sits snugly over the chassis and can be secured with hook and loop tape for maximum protection. Three vent scoops are provided and can be opened up if required with minimal negative effect on the protection offered.

View the underbody mounted here

April 7, 2011

DE Racing DESC410R Trinidad wheels

DE Racing have released their Trinidad wheels for the Team Durango DESC410R 4wd Truck. These wheels are built with all the same great features as the rest of the Trinidad line, with one addition, they have been offset 2.5mm from stock. This change not only improves the appearance of the wheel, but the added 5mm track width and modified steering scrub radius make the car more predictable and easy to drive.

Source: DE Racing [deracing.net]

March 10, 2011

Durango DESC410R full sized optional rear bumper

Listening to demand from some DESC410R racers for a full-sized optional rear bumper, Durango have put this piece into production. When designing the DESC410R they decided to go with a minimal rear bumper to save weight and keep with the racing ethos that Team Durango are famous for. With this optional rear bumper they’ve tried to keep the weight penalty to a minimum whilst providing the protection & looks that some users are demanding. The lower rear rail on the bumper has mounting points for 3rd party mud flaps if you choose to fit some, and this rail is removable to reduce weight if you just want the single rail out back. The bumper weighs 41g or 49g for the full-fat bumper with lower rail attached.

Source: Durango [team-durango.com]