January 6, 2007

RS Falcon release .28 truggy motor

Falcon truggy motor

Through Mirage Racing, RS Falcon have announced the release of this .28 truggy motor. It just shows the growing competitiveness of the truggy class when competition engine manufacturers are making motors specifically for it. This seems like a very nice motor, from the same stable as Ninja and Boss, and features some very cutting edge internals as you would expect from a motor with big names like GRP and Mario Rossi behind its design.

You can view more detailed pics and information here.

Source: Mirage Racing [mirageracing.com]

November 6, 2006

Riccardo Acciari signs for Falcon

Riccardo Acciari

Neo-Buggy has got our backs once more with the news that European B Champion Riccardo Acciari from Italy will switch from OS motors to the GRP made Falcon engines effective immediately.

2006 Euro-B champion; Riccardo Acciari will be moving from using OS engines to the GRP produced Falcon engines. Riccardo was present at the Pierrefeu GP this past weekend, he finished 16th overall. Riccardo as he has shown this year is one of the many exciting talents emerging from Italy.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]