June 11, 2021

GForce Boost Monster ultra large capacitor

GForce have introduced the Boost Monster, ultra large boost capacitor suitable for use with up to 2s LiPos. Featuring a capacity of 270,000 μF and housed in a full aluminium case, the Boost Monster is useful in all categories of racing, increasing punch over the entire throttle range. Easy to mount, the case comes in two colour options, blue and black.

Source: GForce [gforce-hobby.jp]

April 7, 2021

G-Force X Weight Gauge Air

G-Force have released their X Weight gauge Air, a wireless corner balance system. Performing the same function as their original X Weight gauge, helping to measure and adjust the weight distribution of your car by displaying the weight/pressure applied at all 4 corners, this Air version does it wirelessly. Sending the data via bluetooth to the accompanying app it removes the need for a bulky display making transport and use much simpler. Each weighing platform is clearly marked so you know which corner to put it on and they can be used with cars up to 2kg. The system is equipped with a reset to 0 function allowing you to better understand the effect of adding weights in different locations in the car.

Source: G-Force [gforce-hobby.jp]

November 12, 2020

G-Force Kamui drift motor

GForce have introduce their new neat looking Kamui drift specific motor. Designed especially for the drift class, the motor has been designed to decelerate less than a standard motor which contributes to improved attitude control on low traction surfaces making controllable driving possible. There has also been a focus on keeping the motor from overheating through the use of a special black coating and strategic machining of the can.

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October 1, 2020

GForce maintenance stand

GForce have introduced their new maintenance stands, something a little more helpful than a regular car stand. Available in both offroad and onroad variants it is in fact firstly a car stand for foam padding to prevent the car from sliding off, but in addition it also offers 4 holes for doing shock filling and a large central hole for acting as a third hand to hold your motor while you solder the wires for example. Not only that but the side of the offroad stand also has a magnetic area to put your screws or springs so as to not lose them. Available in anodised blue or black, the offroad version is 53mm tall with the onroad version comes in at 32mm tall.

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June 19, 2020

GForce Burst Sonic 540-class brushless motor

GForce have introduced their new Burst Sonic 540-class electric brushless modified and stock motors. They build around a minimalistic machined aluminium can with an exposed and specially coated stator for improved cooling in high ambient temperatures while the internal design makes for greatly increased overall torque which is further helped by the use of 13mm rotors. The motor also features adjustable timing, dual sensor ports for easier and tidier wire routing, heavy-duty gold-plated solder tabs as well as laser-engraved graphics. The modified range includes 5.5T to 8.5T variants while the stock motors come as 10.5T to 21.5T variants all of which utilise 7.2mm inner diameter rotors for sharper response to throttle input.

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June 1, 2020

GForce Thunder Shot aluminium option parts

GForce have introduced their new aluminium option parts for the Tamiya Thunder Shot and all other kits that share the same platform. The range includes aluminium steering knuckles, steering bellcranks, a rear suspension shaft holder and a gear case support. All parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and they come black anodised and with blue edge details for looks. Using the parts in place of the standard plastic items will greatly improve durability, precision and overall performance of both original and re-release buggies.

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May 15, 2020

GForce TS90A 10.5T Drift Max Combo

Coming from GForce is their new Drift Max Combo, containing the TS90Plus speed controller and 10.5T Ryujin brushless drift car motor. The club-level TS90Plus speed controller features robust hardware with high-quality FETs for a very low internal resistance and lower operation temperatures, maximising the power output. The speedo’s software is widely adjustable using the optional Progbox, allowing to adapt the controller to a wide range of track conditions and driver preferences. As for the 10.5T Ryujin motor, the power plant is housed in a black anodised aluminium can with excessive machining making for a low weight and improved cooling. An internal fan further helps with heat dissipation while creating a unique sound, mimicking a high-revving internal combustion engine.

Source: GForce [gforce-hobby.jp]

May 7, 2020

GForce Gold & Black TS50 Type-C ESC & motor combo

Japanese brand GForce have announced the soon release of their limited edition Gold & Black TS50 Type-C brushless speed controller and motor combo set. Available in 13.5T or 17.5T specification, the set includes the TS50 club-level controller that offers high-quality hardware higher efficiency, lower internal resistance and thus increased performance while the new gold-colour aluminium heatsink case and the all-black colours add to a luxurious look. As for the Type-C stock motor, the power plant utilises a 3-piece aluminium case, double ball bearings, and a 12.5mm high-torque sintered rotor. The set is ideal for all club racers and also as an upgrade to existing ready-to-run electronics. The set is a limited edition and it will become available in early June.

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