October 14, 2019

Gizmo Genesis mid-long carbon fibre A-arms

Coming from Gizmo Racing and made for their Genesis electric touring car kit are new mid-long carbon fibre A-arms. These option +6 lower arms offer more stability and grip while retaining the same amount of steering compared to the standard arms. The set includes four arms to equip a full car.

Source: Gizmo Racing [gizmoracingusa.com]

September 27, 2019

Gizmo Genesis Mid 2020 electric TC – Coming soon

Gizmo have released a handful of images, showing their forthcoming new Genesis Mid 2020 mid motor electric touring car kit. The latest brand to announce the soon release their next year’s kit, Gizmo for now are a bit shy to explain the features and specifications, instead just showing off with some images. Full details will become available in time for the release and we bring you more updates as they surface.

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January 31, 2019

Gizmo Racing linear 20mm touring car springs

Gizmo Racing have announced the release of their new linear 20mm touring car springs in three hardnesses. Due to suspension geometry, the Genesis and updated GZ2 cars require softer spring set ups than conventional touring cars. The now released spring rates help to fine tune the car better than before with 2.55, 2.35 and 2.15 rates being available. The springs come colour-coded and are supplied as pairs.

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January 28, 2019

Gizmo introduce new Genesis & GZ2 optionals

Reflex Racing have introduced new optionals for the Gizmo Genesis and GZ2 touring cars. First up is a long arm conversion kit that has been designed for the use in combination with the V2 uprights. Contrary to typical longer arms, these arms actually make the suspension act softer as the distance between lower shock mounts and outer arm pivot has been increased. The pivot of the uprights has been moved out further which in the front end allows for less wheel scrub as well as more wheel support. The result is a more precise car, with more stability and higher corner speeds. The conversion works with the Genesis and GZ2 kits, however the latter requires the use of angled ball ends for rear toe link.

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October 18, 2018

Gizmo Genesis 2019 touring car – Coming soon

Gizmo Racing USA have released first images of the forthcoming Genesis 2019 electric touring car kit. The innovative chassis’ triangular upper camber links and lower carbon fibre sheet arms are still in place with the infamous split dual main gear drivetrain now being gone in favour of a conventional setup. The front and rear steering and rear hubs received an update and are of an all-new design by the look of things as are the lower arms. No official details apart from the images are available yet but we expect full information to surface in time for the release.

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May 14, 2018

Gizmo Racing 2019 Beta touring car kit

Gizmo Racing USA have introduced the latest incarnation of the Gizmo Racing electric touring car kit, called the 2019 Beta.The Beta, in short, is a limited edition replica of the prototype car the team has been running recently.  The car uses the GZ2 suspension components, however it utilises a simplified drivetrain that does away with he infamous double main gear setup in favour of a more traditional setup. Reflex Racing has been approached by many people wanting to be a part of the development of this platform and this is where the new program kicks in. Buyers of the Beta kit will be a part of the development program for the production platform that we will shoot to release in September/ October. Reflex Racing are offering three different levels of the Beta cars in both alloy and carbon versions: a conversion kit, a Beta Kit and a Beta Team Plus kit. The Beta conversion allows racers to turn a GZ2 into a 2019 Beta. The Beta Kit is a 2019 roller kit and the Beta Team Plus kit includes the kit, plus whatever revised items the production kits include and a discount on parts and accessories for the 2019 and 2020 racing season.

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August 11, 2017

Gizmo GZ1 High Traction Conversion Kit

Available now from Gizmo Racing is the high traction carbon fibre chassis conversion kit for the GZ1 touring car. Designed for higher grip and hot weather conditions, the conversion kit uses four aluminium bulkheads and detached side rails as the base for the car. The main area of focus was increased rigidity at the bulkheads in order to provide higher corner speeds in high grip or hot weather. Additionally the newly designed bulkheads move the shock towers to the opposite side of the shocks, allowing for more triangulation of the upper arms which allow for a more rigid structure that is more durable and increases response and durability. The 1-piece bulkheads and carbon fibre upper arm mounts add practically no weight to the car and actually lower the centre of gravity of the the car by moving more of the aluminium at a lower position on the chassis. The rear toe link is also now detached from the upper arm link, leading to easier adjustments and combined with 4-screw access to the diff, the car is now far easier to work on.

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April 6, 2017

Gizmo GZ1 2017 update kit & hard lower arms

Coming from Gizmo Racing are the new GZ1 2017 update kit and hard lower A-arms. Starting with the update package, the set will bring older spec GZ1 kits to full 2017 specifications by including the V2 upper arm kit, a new carbon fibre chassis, carbon fibre side rails, new diff/spool outdrives and also new low-friction belts. Also available for the GZ1 are hard carbon fibre lower A-arms. They offer less twist and flex than the standard arms, resulting in a more responsive car at the expend of a little overall grip. The hard arms can be used in combination with the standard wishbones in order to achieve a different car balance.

View the hard A-arm here