October 17, 2019

GL Racing GLF-1 brass chassis & weight options

GL Racing have introduced new optionals for their GLF-1 micro formula car in the form of a brass chassis and add-on brass chassis weights. Starting with the chassis, the main plate is machined from high-quality material and it weighs in at 31g, which adds weight to the lowest possible part of the car for improved handling in high-bite or bumpy track conditions. A black surface coating prevents the chassis from corroding while gold colour logos and edge details add visual impact. Also new are two brass balance weight sets that are usable with the standard carbon fibre or the above brass chassis. Two sets are available, one with a pair of 3.5g and 4g weights each and a set with four 2g weights. They can be simply attached using small screws.

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September 12, 2019

RC-Aurora GLA V2 alloy & brass motor mount

PPM RC Racing have introduced the RC-Aurora aluminium and brass motor mount for the GL Racing GLA V2 micro on-road car. The 2-piece assembly is machined of hard-anodised 7075 aluminium and high-quality brass material and it is a direct fit for the GLA V2 chassis. While offering exceptional heat dissipation and rigidity, it also adds some weight which can be beneficial in certain track conditions.

Source: PPM RC Racing [ppm-rcracing.com]

August 16, 2019

GL Racing GLA-V2 narrow brass chassis

Made for the GL Racing’s GLA-V2 micro car is a narrow brass chassis set. The main plate weighs in at about 25g versus the 5g of the original chassis, improving the car’s stability while also countering traction rolling. In addition the narrow design ensures the chassis is less likely for scrubbing in corners, ensuring a smoother, more efficient ride. Two sets of battery mounting holes allow to adjust overall weight balance while two optional pouch of carbon fibre can be used to adjust chassis width if needed. A black surface coating prevents the brass material from corroding while gold-colour edge details add visual impact.

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December 14, 2018

GL Racing GLR centre shock metal piston rods

Made for the GLR micro-size car are GL Racing’s new metal piston rods. The part comes made high stainless steel and it is polished for greater smoothness and durability. In addition the rods feature milled sections that allow the piston rod to hold damper grease better, ensuring consistent damper performance for longer.

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July 17, 2018

GL Racing GLA V2 micro racing car

Coming from GL Racing is their new GLA V2 micro racing car kit. Fitting 1/27th and 1/28th scale classes the GLA V2 builds on the popular V1 and features a re-designed layout of the bottom chassis plate that now has all holes and screws located along the centre line of chassis which will reduce tweak and maximise flex. Also new are the redesigned servo and battery mount to fit the new chassis, while wider rear lower suspension arms and camber links to improve the rear stability of the car by changing the suspension geometry. A newly designed motor mount makes gear mesh adjustment more easy and precise and included with the car also come a servo saver as well as front and rear carbon shock towers. Other features include the efficient Hobbywing micro brushless ESC, a fast and durable servo, four-wheel double arm suspension system with friction grease dampers, as well as a smooth shaft driven transmission and ASC compatibility. Coming soon is also a 90mm and 94mm wheelbase conversion kit.

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June 21, 2018

GL Racing R8 LMS 1/28th body shell

GL Racing have introduced their forthcoming new Audi R8 LMS body shell for 1/28th micro on-road cars. The officially licensed body will support 98mm wheelbase chassis, it features front and rear 78mm wide wheel arches for optimised race performance and it is made of durable material. The lightweight and low centre of gravity body also utilises a front body mount that features whole front splitter support to prevent damage as well as a flat underbody and it comes with wing mirrors and antenna moulded flexible plastic.

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May 17, 2018

GL Racing 3500kV HT brushless motor

Coming from GL Racing is their new 3500kV HT brushless motor for 1/28th micro cars. Somewhere in the middle of kV ratings for a micro-size motor the power plant will offer linear power control, high efficiency and lots of torque for smaller circuits. The 15mm diameter motor uses dual Japanese-made ball bearings and it fits Kyosho’s Mini-Z VE cars as fellas many other 1/28th scale cars on the market.

Source: GL Racing [gl-racing.com]

April 27, 2018

GL Racing long double joint driveshafts V2

GL Racing have introduced a set of long V2 double joint driveshafts for the GLA 4WD micro chassis. They are of the same design as used in 1/10th touring cars and smooth out wheel speeds at large steering angles while also producing a constant velocity transfer from shaft to wheel. The V2 shafts are made from high-quality spring steel and they are available now.

Source: GL Racing [gl-racing.com]