July 25, 2007

GO Tech 21R – GR Racing modified

GO Tech 21R - GR Racing modified

South Korea based GR Racing have produced yet another work of art as far as the workmanship is concerned as seen in photos relased from their latest project. Taking the GO Tech 21R buggy engine, GR Racing have done lots of work to it to get it up to a claimed 2.85hp @ 39.000 rpm. This 5 port engine features tear dropping work on the liner, lightening and optimising of the crankshaft, some internal porting as well as the use of ceramic bearings throughout. No release date has yet been given.

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December 5, 2006

GR Racing tuned OS12TZ

GR Racing OS12TZ

Engine tuners seem to be a dime a dozen these days with anyone who can use a dremel and who has ever taken their engine apart claiming to be a motor maestro. That said, i was impressed with work done by GR Racing, a Korean tuner that takes his dremel and know how to many different types of engines including this OS12TZ 3-port. This engine has had tear dropping done to the liner, ceramic main bearing, crankshaft lightened and modified, crankcase work and even has a job done on the combustion chamber, definitely looks good, the proof of course is on the track.

Check out all the work done in the full picture set on RC Forum who have the scoop.

Source: RC Forum [rcforum.co.kr]