November 16, 2022

Grand Prix 3D Masami “Stealth” RC10GX

Grand Prix 3D brings you the missing link in our R/C off-road racing history – the iconic 1989 IFMAR Worlds “Stealth” RC10GX Team Associated prototype that Masami Hirosaka drove to the World Championship at the famed St Ives track all the way down-under here in Australia.  This replica conversion kit is available now.  The kit contains recreations of all the unique/prototype parts as per the original Stealth car.  The chassis and top-deck is made from 3k plain weave matte finish UD core carbon fibre, with the 30 degree angle formed into the chassis nose kick-up!! Also both shock towers are included in FR4 natural green fibreglass to mimic the original pale colour.  All the plastic parts are 3D printed using PCBlend-natural colour for the suspension arms, rear bulkhead, battery cups and various other parts – this material is amazing in strength/impact resistance and an almost perfect colour match to the original Associated nylon.

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November 30, 2020

Grand Prix 3D 1/10th scale 1960s Formula 1

Grand Prix 3D are offering a fusion of historic Grand Prix, RC racing and scale modelling, all in one. This electric 1/10th scale RC car has been developed true to the iconic Grand Prix cars of the 1960’s era with scale details throughout, including engine, exhausts, gearbox, suspension, steering, driver figure and more. In what is a very clever design that manages to seamlessly integrate the electronics, the motor and drive train are mounted inside a scale looking engine and gearbox with the steering servo, ESC and receiver in the footwell of the car. Using a majority of 3D printed parts, printed with carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced nylon, it does also feature a rear gear differential, period authentic CVDs, full ball bearings and scale body shell. Currently set for a release in February next year, they are taking pre orders on their website.

View some of the incredible detail here