November 21, 2019

Helix Designs Pro Cut body foams

Helix Designs have announced the release of their new Pro Cut body foam cushions that are made to close the gap between the front of the body shell and the car’s bumper. Using the foams will prevent body rub and gives optimal body performance. The cushions measure 12x35mm and are available in 16-piece packs of 1.8mm, 3mm or 6mm thickness.

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November 20, 2019

Helix Designs Volution on-road & off-road car stands

Coming from Helix are their new Volution on-road and off-road car stands. Fully designed and manufactured in the USA the car stands feature premium 3-D-printed sides with integrated O-rings for a non-slip bottom while the top carbon plate is equipped with custom laser cut foams to fit the shape of the carbon. A 2-colour 3-D-printed centre top plate makes for added visual impact. The car stand weigh in at an ultra-light 60g to 70g and they can be customised with a centre name pate, different screw colours, and non-slip O-rings. The on-road car stand is ideal for 1/10th and 1/12th scale on-road chassis while the off-road variant fits 1/10th 2WD and 4WD buggies.

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October 8, 2019

Helix A800 high downforce body post mounts


Helix Designs have introduced their new high downforce body post mounts for the Awesomatix 4WD touring cars. The mount attaches the rear body posts horizontally to now be mounted out the back of the body. The main benefit to this is eliminating all flex at the back of the body giving the wing and rear deck much more support and resulting in a more stable and consistent feeling car which is very noticeable with 0.5mm ultra lightweight bodies. The design also makes the ultimate body tucks solution from direct rear impacts and they can be combined with Helix anti-tuck lite body stiffeners to the body stop crinkle from side tucks to create the best anti tuck solution possible at a very low weight.

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September 25, 2019

Helix Designs RX-491 antenna cover

Coming from Helix Designs are two new antenna mounts for the use with the Sanwa RX-491 receiver. The 3-D-printed parts offer a clean sleek way to hold and protect the receiver’s antenna. Helix are offering two different versions; Low Profile and Long Range. The low profile cover keeps the antenna in a small space low and out of the way for a clean looking electronics install. Recommended for medium to small track sizes. Long range holds the antenna upright for a small compact way to make the most range and consistency possible. This comes with the set screw and perfect length antenna tube for the Sanwa RX-491. The latter mount is recommended for the largest of tracks out there. Installation of both required the use of optional double sided tape.

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July 30, 2019

Helix Designs P03 popper

Coming from Helix Designs and made for the Awesomatix P03 suspension cups is the P03 popper tool. Mounting the cups can be a hassle at times and this is where the tool kicks in as it saves time and lots of P03s from breaking on instillation and removal. It is of a two-sided design – a pushing side to help install easier and protect the P03, and a removal side that has a slightly tighter fit to help pry off old P03s. The 3-D-printed tool is available from now on.

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February 5, 2019

Helix Designs A800X LP12 swaybar mounts

Helix Designs have introduced their new LP12 swaybar mounts for the Awesomatix A800X and A800X Evo. With the evolution of setups and new A-arms released for the Awesomatix A800X, it is often needed to modify the stock Awesomatix P12X sway bar mounts to run specific setups. Are new Helix LP12 swaybar mounts have fixed the two major problems with the stock part. Drivers can now run low AT21-S balls and/or any current A-arm without any modifications. Made with durable nylon and tested successfully by top Awesomatix USA team drivers at the 2018 NYGP and 2018 USIC, the parts are a drop fit and they include 3x3mm and 3x4mm droop screws.

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September 26, 2018

Helix Designs chassis scraper

Coming from Helix Designs is their new chassis scraper tool that helps to clean chassis from caked carpet fuzz. Instead of cleaning a chassis off with expensive break cleaner and lots of scrubbing, the chassis scraper allows to clean off most of the carpet gunk quickly while saving time, making the process much less tedious. In addition the tool will be save to aluminium chassis, preventing unsightly scratches.

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July 13, 2018

Helix Designs 1/12th body cutout kit

Coming from Helix Designs is their new body cutout kit for 1/12th scale cars. The included tools ensure accurately marked wheel wells and lower cut lines to prevent body rub and self-induced body tucks. The 41mm wheel disk create a perfectly sized wheel well and a cube with four different ride height settings of 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and 8.5mm allows to choose the correct lower cut lines. These sizes are specifically made for US-style black carpet from stock racing to mod racing and beside the wheel marking discs and body height cube the kit also includes a fine tip marker.

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