June 11, 2018

Helix Designs alloy screw packs

Coming from Helix Designs and made for their HD anti-tuck system and Perfect Edge tyre gluer are two new screw packs. The Ultra Light screw pack for the body anti-tuck system includes six premium-grade 7075 alloy screws that weigh in just under a gram for all six. The black colour screws will keeping the weight and centre of gravity down for improved performance. Also new and coming for the Perfect Edge tyre gluer are 5-piece sets of 7075 alloy screws that come in pink, red, orange, gold or blue colour to give the tyre glueing tool an individual touch.

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March 6, 2018

Helix Design mini body sander

Following their body cutout kit Helix Designs now introduce a second tool to bring touring car body preparation to the next level. The mini body sander makes the process of clean-up cut lines quick and easy. Not only does the tool assist with straight edges, users can also clean up the wheel wells with the incorporated arced surface. Included is premium 120 grit sandpaper that can be replaced when needed. The tool measures a handy 59x43x23mm and it will become available by mid-March.

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March 5, 2018

Helix Designs HD body cutout kit

Coming from Helix Designs is the new HD body cutout kit for 1/10th touring cars. The easy to use tool helps to accurately mark wheel wells and lower cut lines to prevent body rub and self induced body tucks. Included are two self-centring 65mm wheel disks, that are simply slid under the wheels, to create a perfectly sized wheel well and a cube with four different ride height settings from 10mm to 13mm for the lower body line. Also part of the package is a fine tip marker to fit the ride height cube.

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September 22, 2017

Helix Designs Anti Body Tuck System

Coming from Helix Designs is their new Anti Body Tuck System for most of today’s 1/10th touring bodies. The Y-shaped and 3-D-printed braces were designed to prevent annoying and race-destroying body tucks by reinforcing the rear trunk and wheel arch section. The system weighs in at about three grams per side, it is very durable, will never fall off and can easily be moved from one body to another. Successfully tested by racers such as Vilkami Kutvonen and with bodies such as the Montech Racer, IS-200, Nazda 2, Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 and LTC-R, the system will also fit many other body shells.

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August 31, 2017

Helix Designs Original Perfect Edge tire gluer

Coming from Helix Designs is the new Original Perfect Edge tire gluer for 1/10th on-road tires. First introduced by Helix Designs’ own Kyle Klingforth at the 2016 IIC, the tire gluer is of a compact design and it makes use of a high-torque motor that will not stall when glueing side walls, which can be the hot setup when racing on the latest generation of high-grip carpets. Common-size glue template discs for gluing 59mm (low grip), 59.5mm (medium grip), and 60mm (high grip) sidewalls are included to ensure racers are set-up from the get-go. Helix Designs also have some options for those needing to glue F1/GTR tires or want to customise their gluer by adding their name or nick name in various colours.

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August 30, 2017

Helix Designs 30mm WTF connector clip

Helix Designs have introduced their new connector clip for the 30mm WTF motor cooling fan. 3-D-printed the purpose-designed clip will attach directly to the fan’s case and clean up the routing of wires from the 30mm WTF fan to the receiver while also preventing wires from breaking and pulling off the fan, increasing its lifespan.

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