May 25, 2020

HiroFactory HRF10X-PB one-touch battery stopper

Coming from HiroFactory and made for their HRF10X-PB formula car kit are new one-touch battery stoppers. The 3-D-printed parts attach to the battery locator and allow for easy fixing and removal of the battery pack without having to use a rubber O-ring or the like. The stoppers are usable with most 1S-style 18.5mm low-profile shorty LiPo batteries and they are available in black, white and limited edition purple and pearl white colour.

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April 14, 2020

HiroFactory HRF10X-PB HD chassis braces

Made for their HRF10X-PB formula pan car are HiroFactory’s new heavy-duty chassis braces. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium, the 5mm thick braces improve chassis rigidity for improved durability while also changing the chassis’ flex settings. The parts come black anodised for surface protection and factory looks.

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February 14, 2020

Hiro Factory HRF10X-PB heavy duty C-ADJ-S brackets

Hiro Factory have introduced new heavy duty C-ADJ-S brackets for the HRF10X-PB formula car. Machined from high-quality 7075 aluminium and coming in a dark gun metal finish for wear and looks, the brackets are of a beefier design for improved rigidity and more precise and consistent camber and caster setting, even after taking a heavy hit during a run. The set includes a left and a right hand bracket that are direct replacements for the original parts.

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October 2, 2019

Hiro Factory HRF10X-PB Premium Blacky formula kit

Japanese brand Hiro Factory has introduced the new HRF10X-PB Premium Blacky 1/10th formula kit. The car builds on a premium hard carbon fibre main chassis plate and it features the newly developed C-ADJ-S camber and caster system up front that allows to adjust both parameters without the need to change parts, making it swift, easy and reliable. The aluminium servo mount doubles as a chassis stiffener brace and two aluminium triangles enable the racer to adjust the front-centre chassis stiffness. The steering arm design allows to adjust the steering Ackermann to vary the amount of steering available and an O-ring retained battery mount ensures the battery can be swapped without the need for additional tools. Other features include a high-capacity centre shock absorber, all-aluminium precision tube dampers as well as an aluminium ADJ roll plate to adjust overall chassis roll. The rear of the car houses the carbon fibre rear axle, and the ball differential with centre lock type left wheel hub and lightweight right wheel hub. A motor cooling fan mount and height adjustable wing mount round out the package. The car is usable with rubber and foam tyres and it can be built in narrow or wide track specification.

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February 7, 2019

HiroFactory F104/F103 central lock left wheel hub

HiroFactory have introduced a new central lock left wheel hub for Tamiya F104/F103 formula cars. Featuring a clamping design using a central locking nut the hub offers improved reliability compared to standard locking-type hubs while being gentle on the axle shaft at the same time. Usable with all 6.35mm or 1/4” axles and on F104/F103-style cars the hub comes machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and it is black anodised for wear and looks.

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January 10, 2017

HiroFactory YRX12 reactive castor mounts

Coming from HiroFactory and made for the Yokomo YRX12 1/12th scale pan car are reactive castor upper arm mounts. The machined aluminium parts set the upper arms at an angle which results in increasing kingpin angles during cornering and thus improved steering response. The mounts come black anodised and in sets of two.

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July 30, 2015

Hiro Factory HRF12X-2015ver 1/12th scale kit

HiroFactory HRF12X-2015ver

Hiro Factory have introduced the 2015 version of their HRF12X 1/12th scale pan car. Available as complete kit or conversion kit for existing HRF12X cars the 2015 spec kit features a redesigned main chassis plate made from US-made high-quality carbon fibre. It is meant to have optimised flex characteristics which is further helped by the new floating servo mount that makes for perfect chassis symmetry and improved left-to-right handling. The chassis also allows for several battery positions including a forth and back placement and a new side link position creates a 4WS effect for more agile handling if needed. Included with the kit also come several 7075 aluminium parts including the front bulkhead, upper arm mount, turnbuckles, damper mount, motor mount and hubs. The kit is rounded out by a large volume, hard-coated aluminium centre shock absorber.

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June 17, 2014

Hiro Factory HRF10X 2014ver F1 conversion kit

Hiro Factory HRF10X 2014ver F1 conversion kit

Hiro Factory introduce the HRF10X 2014ver formula 1 conversion kit for Tamiya F103 and F104 cars. The set is based around a completely redesigned main chassis that allows to adjust the flex characteristics using aluminium inserts and connecting aluminium washers. The chassis kit takes shorty-type LiPo battery packs and included are also a new rear aluminium power pod supported by side links and a 2.5mm 7075 aluminium power pod plate that helps with motor cooling in hot ambient temperatures or when running highly stressed stock motor. Also part of the rear power pod are special spring steel wing mounts and an aluminium roll damper. A HRF12X centre shock with 3-hole piston and hardened shock body is included for pitch dampening as are several hardware parts. As the HRF10X is a conversion kit it needs a F103/104-style front end and rear axle, wings, wheels, tyres and a bodyshell for completion.

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