February 4, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – Hobbytech

Hobbytech STR8 EPX2 BL buggy

French brand Hobbytech were showing off their ever expanding line, which apart from the Spirit buggy which is finally in production, they have a wide range of RTR of Race Roller chassis. The Race Roller STR8 EPX2 is a pre assembled brushless powered 1/8th scale buggy whose configuration is based on the Spirit buggy but which has been adapted to its new power plant featuring a large battery box which is balanced off the electronics on the opposing side. Supplied without electrics there is a combo that you can get that comes with powerful motor, speed controller and Savox steering servo.

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February 5, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 – Hobbytech

Hobbytech Spirit STR8

Having been sent CAD images prior to the toy fair, Hobbytech are displaying their new Spirit STR8 1/8th scale buggy. Featuring high quality and heavily machined aluminium throughout as standard, the car that is on display is the first sample of this car and will feature anodised aluminium throughout when it goes on sale in mid June. Completely new from its predecessor, all that machining has brought the car in at a mere 3.2kg. Featuring a narrow 3mm thick lightweight chassis plate design, the engine features a 7 degree angle over the centre line, but this can be changed to the conventional straight up design by using the additionally supplied 0 degree engine mount.

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January 29, 2010

Hobbytech Spirit STR8 1/8th scale buggy

Hobbytech Spirit STR8 1/8th scale buggy

Hobbytech have released CAD images and details about their new 1/8th scale buggy the Spirit. Everything on this new offroader is compact and centralized to make this buggy more responsive on the track and easy to work off the track. Manufactured with high precision aluminium and carbon fibre parts, there was no compromise in delivering the highest quality off road racing chassis. Every aspect of the car was designed and tested to produce maximum performance, everything down to the last screw has been optimised for maximum lightness.

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December 19, 2008

Hobbytech STR8 V3 buggy

Hobbytech have released details of their new STR8 V3 1/8th scale buggy. Featuring a totally new transmission system, there is a new CNC helicoidal gear for the front and rear, as well as a new CNC machined 46T centre gear. Other new features include a lightweight brake joint for the front & rear, a new stronger diff case, new Ackerman bar for more steering angle, new 4mm spring steel steering turnbuckles, plus more.

Source: Hobbytech [hobbytech-rc.com]

November 22, 2008

Hobbytech STR8 Rally Game chassis

Hobbytech have released their STR8 Rally Game chassis which has been developed and tuned specifically for this class of racing. This ready to run chassis features a complete set of precision rubber sealed ball bearings, front CVD drive shaft, 3mm front and rear shock towers, 3mm special narrow chassis and flower brake discs. The car is powered by a GO 21 pull start engine, polished in-line pipe, has aluminium front and rear stiffeners and to help it get around the track is is fitted with a 9kg metal gear steering servo.

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March 15, 2007

HobbyTech STR8 Pro buggy

HobbyTech STR8 Pro buggy

RCMag.com have some nice pictures from the all new Pro version of the HobbyTech STR8 1/8th scale gas off road buggy. We first showed you the standard version in February in our off road round up from the Nurnberg Toy Fair and werent very impressed with it, but the Pro version does look good and loses that OEM buggy look and feel that the non Pro version has.

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February 12, 2007

HobbyTech STR8 1/8th buggy – Video


During our round up of the off road vehicles on show at the Nurnberg toy fair we mentioned the new 1/8th scale buggy from HobbyTech called the STR8, but didnt know much more about it. Well here is a video of it in action and the producers have made it look pretty good, with some rap music and slow motion air shots, i have to say it looks good. Check it out in the video above.

Source: Automodelisme [automodelisme.com]