July 8, 2022

Hobbywing EZRun Mini28 speed controller

Hobbywing introduce their new EZRun Mini28 speed controller built specifically for 1/28 scale racing. The ESC is extremely small (22mm by 14mm) and lightweight at only 5 grams and the shape is designed for ease of soldering and reducing unnecessary tweak, an important factor for a 1/28th scale racing car. The fully-alloy heat sink ensures that the ESC can dissipate heat and operates at a healthy temperature range while the maximum output current can be up to 30A. The ESC has many adjustable parameters, including PWM frequency, brake frequency, softening, Boost, Turbo and much more. It is equipped with two usage modes, the Zero-Timing which is more commonly known as ‘blinky’ and the ‘modified’ mode which allows power-hungry users to increase additional turbo timing in the software. The ESC also has a built-in BEC which can support a maximum output current of up to 3.5A and the output voltage at either 6V or 7.4V. This will ensure constant power supplied to today’s high-torque servos in the market. Simple and convenient, parameter settings, firmware upgrading and other operations can be established using Hobbywing’s OTA Bluetooth module and your mobile phone via the Hobbywing app.

View the underside of the Mini28 here

April 19, 2022

Hobbywing XeRun V10 G4 motor

Hobbywing have announced their latest motor release, the XeRun V10 G4. Built for the ultra competitive Stock racing category, the V10 G4 has been tested and developed together with World and European champions. This new generation has been greatly optimised with the stator being redesigned for higher efficiency and is equipped with ultra high grade custom magnetic ring rotor for maximum torque and increasing the output power by 5%. The internal resistance has also been reduced by about 4% resulting in a more efficient and cooler temperature of the motor. The motor adopts a full exposed stator core and is directly exposed to the air for excellent heat dissipation. The outer diameter is maximised to increase the stator heat dissipation area by 25.6% compared to the V10 G3R motor. The motor is equipped with a high-precision endbell plate that uses high quality structural components to greatly improve the consistency and structural stability of the power output at all times. The V10 G4 adpots a modular structural design which is convenient for maintenance which prolongs the service life of the motor.

View more images of the XeRun V10 G4 here

January 7, 2022

Ryan Cavalieri joins Hobbywing Factory team

Hobbywing have announced that 4-time World champion Ryan Cavalieri has joined their factory team. The TLR driver will use Hobbywing ESCs and motors to participate in all electric car competitions going forward. ‘I’m really excited to be joining Hobbywing and being a part of the family. I would like to thank everyone at Hobbywing for making this possible. I will work closely with the team and help out in anyway to contribute to the already successful line up of products. I’m excited to get out there and start racing.’

Source: Hobbywing [hobbywing.com]

December 28, 2021

Hobbywing sign Michal Orlowski to factory team

Hobbywing has announced that multiple off-road European champion Michal Orlowski is joining forces with the Hobbywing factory team. He will use Hobbywing ESCs and motors to participate in all electric car competitions from the first day of year 2022. The 20 year old Polish driver has achieved great results in both off-road and on-road events, including 2019 IFMAR Worlds podium finish in 1/10 off-road 4WD class and 2020 IFMAR 1/12 on-road championship TQ and vice champion. He also had the double wins in 2019/2020 EOS 1/10 2wd and 4wd class. He had this to say, ‘I am looking forward to working together with the Hobbywing factory team in 2022! The product speaks for itself and I cannot wait to use its full potential at the race track. I would like to thank everyone at Hobbywing for this fantastic opportunity.’

Source: Hobbywing [hobbywing.com]

December 13, 2021

Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro & Pro-Elite G2S ESC

Hobbywing have released their new Xerun XR10 Pro G2S and Pro-Elite G2S speed controllers. The Pro G2S sports Hobbywing’s patented frameless fan design with the Pro Elite version utilising the standard top mounted fan. The G2S sports a high-performance 32-bit M4 microprocessor which greatly improves processing capability and allow the ESC to have a very rapid response and the potential to optimise and extend its functions. The Throttle and Brake PWM Frequency support the ability to customise the frequency of each throttle segments. For example, the variables on the frequency are fully adjustable for precise control to meet the requirements of different driver need. The parameters are optimised for top-level competition applications, including new AC line switching, initial start-up force adjustment, drag acceleration adjustment, etc.

View more details & images here

September 15, 2021

Hobbywing XeRun D10 drift series motors

Following the release of their drift specific XeRun XD10 Pro ESC, Hobbywing have now introduced these new drift series XeRun D10 motors. Like the ESC the motor is also available in black, red and purple. Internally, the new motor stator is optimised for drift and improves motor efficiency in drift applications. A built-in high-precision sensor board, combined with drift-specific fan rotors, provide excellent motor linearity and drivability while greatly improves motor efficiency. The 10.5T motor weighs approximately 158g while the 13.5T is at 165g (including 3 gold insert weights). The lightweight motor allows user to easily tweak their weight bias on their car. A neat feature is the the rotor is equipped with a fan that provides great heat dissipation. The special-shaped gold fan on the rotor cools the motor while making a pleasant sound, especially when Turbo is turned on. Optional rotors are available. The motor comes factory soldered with high quality 3.5mm banana plug for easy access swap to different motors with the 3.5mm male also included in the XD10 ESC.

View more images of the D10 motors here

September 10, 2021

Hobbywing XeRun XD10 Pro ESC

Hobbywing have introduced their first drift specific speed controller, the XeRun XD10 Pro. Available in black, red and purple, they match a large majority of the drift chassis colour ways on the market. The 32-bit M4 processor is equipped with powerful software, features new programmable parameters and it is optimised for drift applications. The new parameters such as, initial start-up force adjustment, 48K ultra-high drive frequency, and 24K ultra-high brake frequency ensures excellent drivability. It is tailored to extract and maximise performance for high-end drifters. The stylish aluminium fan is powerful and helps to massively cool down the ESC, while the ultra-soft 13AWG silicone wire is ultra-flexible and low in resistance. The built-in BEC is able to support both high torque and high voltage servos and can be adjustable at 5.0-7.4V (adjusted to 0.1V/step).

View more images of the XD10 Pro here

February 3, 2021

Hobbywing XR8 Pro G2 ESC

Introducing the new XR8 Pro G2 ESC from Hobbywing, designed to work in full sensored mode at all times when it is paired with a compatible Hobbywing motor. This also allows it to utilise the Turbo Timing technology which was designed for the successful XR10 Pro series ESC used in 1/10th On-Road and Off-Road competition. This ESC can support up to 48 degrees of Boost and Turbo Timing when paired with the new G3 motors with an increase of 50% more performance over the previous G2 series motor, keeping you way ahead of the competition. Other features include built-in reverse voltage protection and real-time data logging function, to check the throttle, voltage, current, temperature, RPM and other data in real-time operational status of the ESC and motor. The ESC can be set with wirelessly with the OTA programmer and a smartphone and contains nearly 30 commonly used adjustable parameters. The Capacitor thermal protection is designed and implemented into the ESC effectively preventing capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload. The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 15A and voltage adjustable from 6V to 8.4V (step: 0.1V) allows the use of various standard servos and high voltage servos.

View another image of the ESC here