March 31, 2015

Insane Carpet Fighter 1/10th SC tyres & foam inserts

Insane-RC Carpet Fighter 1/10th SC tyres & foam inserts

Russian company Insane-RC introduce the new Carpet Fighter 1/10th scale short course truck tyres and a line of foam inserts. Starting with the tyre, it is developed for high-grip indoor carpet racing and it sports specially designed inner ribs for improved carcass stiffness which makes for much better stability especially in high-speed corners as the ribs minimise the gab between the tyre and the wheel. The tyres are made in Russia from 100 percent natural rubber which is meant to stay consistent even in freezing weather conditions which can be important when racing on outdoor carpet or astroturf tracks. Also new are foam inserts for all Carpet Fighter tyres. Available in three different hardness of standard, hard and super hard the cut inserts are ideal for carpet racing.

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