January 11, 2021

JTP/NitroPro CT1 servo

Jared Tebo’s JTP brand has teamed up with NitroPro to bring you the CT1 servo. Best suited for 1/8th buggy and truggy, in both steering and throttle, the outer case has been custom CNC machined from billet aluminium for high strength. Internally it uses a patented stainless gear set, with lifetime replacement warranty, and outputs 5560z torque and .085 speed through its 25 tooth spline.

Source: JTP [shopjtp.com]

July 31, 2017

JTP MP9 Champ limited edition shirt & Camo hat

Coming from multi-time ROAR National Champion, Jared Tebo, is the limited edition MP9 Champ T-shirt. Designed to celebrate Jared’s 17th ROAR National Championship win at the 2017 ROAR Fuel Nationals, the design features Tebo’s Kyosho MP9 in black with a red and blue flag in the background. The limited edition tees will only have 30 made and each shirt will come with a hand-signed and numbered authenticity card. Already available is the classic JTP camo hat that features a pop out 3D black and gold embroidery on a classic snapback Yupoong hat.

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April 26, 2017

JTP RB6.6 V2 carbon fibre front shock tower

JTP have introduced their latest option part for the Kyosho RB6.6 in the form of the V2 front shock tower. Designed to better suit the laydown transmission layout of the current car, the shock stay is of a lower and wider design, giving the buggy an overall lower centre of gravity and thus more stability around the track. The tower is cut from USA-made high-quality 3K weave 4mm carbon fibre and available now.

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April 4, 2017

JTP ZX6.6 & RB6.6 titanium ball stud & screw sets

Coming from Jared Tebo’s JTP brand are several titanium screw and ball stud sets for the Kyosho ZX6.6 and RB6.6 buggies. Made in the USA the hardware is machined from billet 6AL/4V titanium with the ZX6.6 screw kit containing 73 fasteners while the RB6.6 specific set includes 58 screws. As for the ball stud sets, each contains 17 ball ends, including one spare ball stud of each size. All sets are available through JTP webstore here.

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February 8, 2017

JTP RT6 & SC6 Race Carbon shock towers

Coming from Jared Tebo’s JTP brand are carbon fibre shock towers for the Kyosho RT6 and SC6 trucks. The front shock tower was designed to dramatically change the front end geometry to improve the steering feeling. The shocks will be directly mounted to the arm, helping to taking out the twitch and over aggressive front end and giving more confidence in corners. Also new is a rear shock tower that offers the standard geometry with the inside three holes being available. The tower must be used with the RB6.6 rear bulkhead and it changes the body mounting positions. Both the front and rear shock tower are made from high-quality 4mm carbon fibre and JTP also offers a set of front and rear RT6 and SC6 arms with the front arms coming pre-drilled for the required new shock mounting location.

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December 23, 2015

JTP releases new apparel

JTP releases new apparel

Available now from Jared Tebo’s own JTP brand is a range of T-shirts as well as a new hoodie. Starting with the shirts, available are the Speed, Flag and Stencil design as well as the Ladies RTW shirt. Screen-printed in the USA on high-quality Next Level shirts the merchandise is available in S to XXXL sizes. Also new is the black colour Stencil print hoodie. Available in S to XXXL sizes and again screen-printed in the USA.

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November 30, 2015

JTP RB6 & ZX6 Race Series Carbon parts

JTP RB6 & ZX6 Race Series Carbon parts

New from JTP RC, the brand of 2013 IFMAR 2WD Buggy World Champion Jared Tebo, come the Race Series Carbon parts for the Kyosho RB6 and ZX6. Starting with the 2WD parts, available are a front and rear shock tower with the front shock stay giving improved front end feeling through the corners and over obstacles by increasing uptravel. On top of this the 4mm material gives better strength and a more connected feeling of the car. The shock tower was designed for the use with the long LA43 shock ends.

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May 23, 2015

JTP RB6 front shock tower & merchandise

JTP RB6 front shock tower & merchandise

New from JTP, the brand of multi-time US National and 2013 IFMAR World Champion Jared Tebo, comes a carbon fibre front shock tower for the Kyosho RB6 as well as two new T-shirts. Starting with the shock tower, the part was designed and tested by Jared himself and it is of slightly other dimensions than the stock shock stay to allow for an alternative front geometry. The part is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and it was designed to offer a better front end feeling through corners and over obstacles as it improves the uptravel of the suspension. The shocks need to be converted to LA43 long shock ends and the tower is up for grabs now. Also new are two T-shirts, the black Race To Win and the blue Strike shirt. Both 100 percent cotton premium Next Level tees are screen printed in the USA and, like the shock tower, available here.

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