May 22, 2007

K Factory options for Team Magic M1B

K-Factory options for Team Magic M1B

K Factory, the optional parts wing of Team Magic, have announced the release of some new optional parts for the Team Magic M1B 1/8th scale buggy. First up (above) is a replacement for the original composite servo saver linkage mount, which has been made from aluminium with composite inserts, that increases the strength and durability in this vital area. Also new are some rather cool looking chassis stiffeners, for both the front and the rear of the car, that have been made from aluminium and carbon fibre which are super lightweight and additionally keep the centre of gravity of the M1B as low as possible. And finally is a set of center diff mount stiffening rods, which work with the chassis stiffeners to remove all flex from around the center diff that could reduce the life of the parts in this area.

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March 20, 2007

K-Factory G4 Flash-Pit Nylon Hub Set

K-Factory hubs for Team Magic G4

K-Factory has announced the release of these new inserts for their quick release front and rear “hubs” that allow the user to have the benefit of these lighter uprights and steering blocks but now being able to use the standard IFMAR legal non quick release wheel axles. These hubs are 20% lighter than the stock versions that come with the G4 and are still strong enough to withstand impacts and the rear uprights have the benefit of allowing you to change the rear roll center by placing spacers beneath the rear upper linkage connector.

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