May 30, 2022

LC Racing aluminium steering rack

LC Racing have introduced another new option part for their 1/10 4WD off road platforms, this new aluminium steering rack. Replacing the kit plastic version, it is stronger yet still lightweight and offers more precision. Suitable for the LC10B5 & PTG-1 buggies and the PTG-2 & PTG-2R rally cars.

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May 23, 2022

LC Racing aluminium 9 degree C-hubs

More new option parts from LC Racing for their LC10B5 and PTG-1 1/10 4wd buggies. The new parts are left and right aluminium 9 degree C-hubs. The use of alloy allows for more precise steering and consistent handling and they are also now more resistant to impacts.

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May 13, 2022

LC Racing low profile shock conversion kit

LC Racing have released this low profile shock conversion kit new product for our 1/10 4WD Rally platform the PTG-2 and 2R. This extensive set, which includes new shock towers, new front and rear shocks as well as new body post system, essentially lowers the height of the shock towers to accommodate various low profile bodies.

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April 22, 2022

LC Racing aluminium +1mm servo horn

From LC Racing for the PTG and LC10 series comes this 7075-T6 aluminium servo horn. The Servo horn is longer by +1mm than the standard version, mechanically altering the steering curve and max end point travel, while the clamping feature also allows for slop adjustments when connecting to the servo, as different manufacturers all have different tolerances. The servo horn is available in either 23 or 25T versions.

View the servo horn sets here

March 9, 2022

LC Racing PTG-1 1/10 4wd racing buggy

LC Racing have introduced their latest release, the PTG-1 1/10 4wd racing buggy. An all new platform, it does still use some suspension parts and geometry from their LC10B5. The PTG-1 will be sold as a factory built roller without any electronics and features a single main shaft, driven directly by the rear mounted motor. It also comes as standard with some of the competition parts from the LC10B5 like the front & rear high capacity oil filled gear diffs and front & rear CVDs. Other features include a hardened aluminium chassis with front kickup, fully sealed drivetrain with easy diff access and front 4mm & rear 3.5mm fibre composite shock towers.

View more images of the PTG-1 here

November 17, 2021

T-Works LC12B1 aluminium centre driveshafts

For the LC Racing LC12B1, T-Works have produced this pair of aluminium centre driveshafts. Made from high-quality material, the shaft features a hard coating for wear resistance, with the length laser etched for quick reference. The rear centre shaft is 60mm long with the front centre shaft coming in a 50mm.

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August 16, 2021

LC Racing PTG-2 mud guard set

New from LC Racing for their PTG-2 1/10 4WD Rally Platform, are these realistic and functional mud guards. Mounted to the front and rear shock towers, they are made from a rigid nylon composite while the flap is made from a flexible rubber. Sold as a full set of 4.

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