October 6, 2020

LCG Racing T4’20 SFX Conversion chassis

LCG Racing have introduced this new aluminium chassis for the Xray T4 2020 SFX Conversion which features a stepped decrease of cutout width from front to rear. This makes the chassis softer in the front and stiffer in the rear which they claim makes the car smoother at corner entry and more stable on power while increasing steering through the corner. The chassis is designed with reduced width at the droop screw area to decrease scrubbing and, therefore, increase corner speed and only includes long suspension arm holes to improve strength and optimise flex characteristics. The black anodised aluminium chassis is made from high quality 7075 Aluminium and comes laser engraved with the LCG and SFX logos.

Source: LCG Racing [facebook.com]

September 29, 2020

LCG aluminium eccentric insert for Awesomatix

These newly introduced aluminium eccentric inserts for Awesomatix by LCG Racing are designed and developed to reduce play in both the longitudinal and the horizontal direction. The precisely made bearing holders allow to easily fit the diff and spool as well as prevent any binding of the car‘s flex characteristics. Furthermore, the optimised fit of the bearings make the drivetrain smoother. They are made of high quality 7075 Aluminium, are anodised in gun metal grey to match the looks of the car and protect its surface and come in sets of two.

Source: LCG Racing [facebook.com]

September 21, 2020

LCG Racing SFX motor mount carbon brace

LCG Racing offer this new carbon brace for their Yokomo BD10 and the Xray T4 2020 SFX conversion kits that helps to further stiffen the motor mount longitudinally. The carbon brace makes the motor mount more rigid and also doubles up as a battery stopper with increased area. Additionally by minimising flex the longitudinal stiffness helps with corner speed and give the car a more direct response. The lightweight brace is made of high quality carbon fibre, features the engraved SFX logo and comes in either the SFXY Yokomo or SFXX Xray version.

Source: LCG Racing [facebook.com]

August 31, 2020

LCG Racing T4 2020 forward servo mount

This forward servo mount by LCG Racing, included in the SFX conversion, is now available separately for the Xray T4 2020. It fits the standard car as well as the SFX conversion and increases the stiffness of the front of the chassis. By decreasing the flex in the front, the car is more direct on corner entry, can provide more corner speed and makes the car easier to handle in medium-high to high grip conditions. The lightweight design of the aluminium part retains its rigidity while the design of the carbon fibre upper plate aims to minimise weight further.

Source: LCG Racing [facebook.com]

August 11, 2020

LCG Racing SFX wide carbon fibre top decks

LCG Racing have introduced new wide variants of their SFX conversion top decks. They feature a wider shape in the mid section, providing better response and a more direct feeling in grippier track conditions. With a decrease in flexibility, this increases corner speed and overall stability while making the car easier to drive. The wide top decks are available for the SFX converted Yokomo BD10 and Xray T4’20 and they are available now.

View the T4’20 specific top decks here

August 7, 2020

LCG Racing T4’20 SFX chassis conversion kit

Hot on the heels of their SFX conversion for the Yokomo BD10, LCG Racing have also introduced a set for the popular Xray T4’20. While the BD10 kit includes a redesigned motor mount and top deck, the T4-specific kit takes the SFX idea a step further as it also comes with a redesigned main chassis plate and a forward-type servo mount. The set is specifically designed for optimised flex characteristics and enhanced drivetrain efficiency. The spur gear has been slightly moved and is, therefore, absolutely centred for even better rotation and corner speed. The chassis sports a slightly wider rear end between the bulkhead and the rear suspension mount to decrease flex and it only offers the long suspension arm mounting positions for even further optimisation and more consistent flex as well as a more stable rear. Includes in the set are the new 2.25mm carbon fibre chassis, motor mount, narrow top decks, aluminium forward servo mount, forward carbon fibre servo plate, top deck screws and washers.

View more images here

August 7, 2020

LCG Racing BD10 SFX conversion kit

Following a first teaser image, LCG Racing have fully unveiled their SFX Symmetrical Flex conversion kit for the Yokomo BD10. After months of development and testing, the SFX conversion has already proven its capabilities in the hands of Nicholas Lee. The lightweight 7075 motor mount is designed with durability in mind and it works together with the symmetrical 2-pieces top deck. The design allows the use of the same top decks for both front and rear and it greatly increases the flex options as well as the ease of use. The rigid motor mount, which includes mounting positions for the battery stoppers, minimises longitudinal flex and makes the car more direct at corner entry and exit while increasing corner speed. By having a symmetrical flex design the car is more consistent and easier to drive, while the increased options help to adjust and fine-tune the car‘s setup to almost any track conditions and driving style. The SFX conversion also provides easier swapping of the top decks and better access to the drivetrain. The motor mount design allows the use of large pinion gears for stock racing but also works with large main gears needed for modified classes. Included in the set, that is available from now on, comes the new design motor mount, narrow top decks, top deck screws and 1mm aluminum washers.

View the converted chassis here

July 30, 2020

LCG Racing tease SFX premium conversion kits

LCG Racing have released a first teaser for their forthcoming all-new SFX premium conversion kits for the Yokomo BD10 and Xray T4’20 mid-motor touring car kits. No official details are available yet but we bring you more updates as they surface.

Source: LCG Racing [facebook.com]