August 19, 2020

LMR A319 series alloy & carbon rear hubs

Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR aluminium and carbon fibre rear hub set for the Agama A319 and A319E. They feature adjustable height, arm position and a new longer link option on the carbon plate. The height adjustment inserts allow drivers to use three different heights, the lowest position is the standard position and then they can be raised in 2mm increments to a +4mm increase. The set includes two machined aluminium hubs, four carbon fibre camber link plates as well as mounting hardware.

Source: Nemo Racing []

June 14, 2020

LMR carbon fibre parts tray

Available now from Lee Martin’s LMR brand is a carbon fibre parts tray. The accessory is made from F1 grade carbon fibre with a matte bottom plate and a gloss top plate for cool looks. The bottom of the 3-compartment tray also features the machined LMR logo for band recognition and due to its compact dimensions and low weight it is easy to store and transport.

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April 27, 2020

LMR YZ-2 Apollo & YZ-4SF Delta body shells

Nemo Racing have released more LMR goodies in the form of the Apollo body shell for the Yokomo YZ-2 and the Delta body for the YZ-4SF buggy. Both provide an overall lower centre of gravity for increased steering while the Apollo is also offering additional cooling for the motor. Both bodies are moulded from high-quality polycarbonate material and they come clear.

View the Delta body shell here

March 6, 2020

Nemo Racing Brake Balls blue & orange version

Following the release of the all-new LMR Brake Balls brake linkage cushions in red and black colour, Nemo Racing now also announce the release of orange and blue balls to better cope with the colour choices of drivers. Designed for the use on the brake linkages of 1/8th scale cars, the cushions improve brake consistency, reliability and overall feeling of the brakes as they make the car brake more smoothly and improve stopping over surface changes and bumps and they reduce the risk of uncontrolled brake grab. The balls will stay consistent over time and not fatigue like other methods, ensuring the brakes are in best possible condition. The set includes O-rings, two orange balls as well as two, slightly harder, blue balls that are best used in warmer conditions.

Source: Nemo Racing []

March 4, 2020

LMR Brake Balls brake linkage cushions

Nemo Racing from the UK have introduced the new LMR Brake Balls, specially-designed cushions for the brake linkages of nitro off-road kits. The rubber parts are used on the brake linkages, between the brake cam links and the brake collars as demonstrated here. The brake balls improve brake consistency, reliability and overall feeling while making the car brake smoother and improving braking over surface changes and bumps and reduce the risk of brake grab. They will stay consistent over time and not fatigue like other methods. The kit includes two black balls, two red balls, and eight O-rings. The developers state that the black balls are slightly harder than red and that they are best used in warmer conditions.

Source: Nemo Racing []

July 2, 2019

LMR MIP T-wrench handle

Designed for the use with the popular MIP tools is the LMR T-wrench. The add-on handle allows to get some leverage on tough to shift nuts and bolts and it works with all 22mm MIP handles. The tool is 3-D-printed from tough material for durability.

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April 11, 2018

LMR Star thumb nuts

LMR have introduced their new “Star” thumb nuts for the battery retainers of most 1/10th off-road buggies. They are machined from aluminium, come black anodised for wear, and they sport a machined silver star for looks. The knurled design helps to conveniently tighten and undoing the nuts that come supplied as pairs.

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March 6, 2018

LMR Retro Arcade merchandise

LMR have introduced their new Retro Arcade merchandise in the form of a hoodie, a sweater and a T-shirt. All three pay tribute to the golden age of video games with the “Retro Arcade” design incorporating a Pixel Art LMR logo. The high-quality shirts are made from black fabric, they sport a white logo on the front and are available in S to 3XL sizes.

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