August 9, 2023

MIBO celebrates 1st birthday

Exactly one year ago today we ran the news that international touring car racer Michal Bok was launching his own brand MIBO, and to celebrate their first business milestone they are offering an 11% discount on all MIBO products ordered today.  Over the 12-months since announcing the brand, MIBO has launched 112 products and Bok is excited by some of the new products the Czech based company has planned to bring to racers in the coming months.  As well as releasing products, Bok’s passion for racing has also lead the brand to creating its own race event, the MIBO International Race.  For both electric onroad and offroad, the inaugural 2023 event was a huge success with the 2nd edition already announced for February 16-18th, 2024.  Having travelled to Hrotovice to cover the event, Red RC is looking forward to attending the race again next year.

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August 8, 2023

MIBO 1:10 Onroad Alu Wing Mounts

MIBO has released new Aluminium Wing Mounts to enhance both the aerodynamics and visual appeal of your 1:10 Onroad race car.  With an overall weight of 2 grams, the mounts strike the perfect balance between lightweight design and rugged durability.  Keeping the CG of your bodyshell as low as possible, while providing maximum surface area to increase the stability and rigidity of the entire system and keeping your wing sitting flat.  The bottom plates are mounted from the inside in the wing mount, allowing for a quick and hassle-free installation, secure fit and adjustment of the wing position. With an outer dimensions of 18 x 8 mm, they offer a wing position adjustment range of 10 mm and come complete with self-locking M3 nuts for a 5.5mm nut driver.

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July 25, 2023

MIBO International 2024 Announcement

Following the hugely successful inaugural running of the MIBO International Race in the Czech Republic in March, former international touring car racer Michal Bok has confirmed the race is back for 2024 on the slightly earlier date of February 16-18.  A long time dream of Bok to host his own major international event in Hrotovice, the indoor event finally came to fruition in 2023 bringing together both electric onroad and offroad racing on two tracks build side by side by the team from Mibosport.  The first edition of MIBO International saw Mugen’s Ronald Volker crowned the inaugural Touring Car Champion and Xray’s Bruno Coelho take double buggy honours at the Sport V Hotel venue.  With everything from the track, restaurant, bowling alley and hotel rooms all under one roof, the venue was a hit with racers who travelled from 13 different countries.  With a capped entry limit the relaxed schedule also meant plenty of time in the evening to wind down and socialise over dinner after each day’s racing.  On the onroad track, the racing action will again cater for Modified, Stock & FWD Touring cars plus Formula.  The Offroad track will cater for 2WD and 4WD Buggy as well an open class of ‘Offroad Kids’ that will give the future stars of racing an opportunity to be a part of this international event.

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June 28, 2023

MIBO Electric Bubble Puller

Czech brand MIBO has introduced the Electric Bubble Puller, a practical tool for every RC car racer.  It is designed to create a vacuum and pull all air bubbles from your damper or differential oil with a push of a button.  Just connect a power supply or battery and you are almost done.  With practicality in mind, 2 variants were selected to fit most racers. Even those, who race in more than just one class, can have just one vacuum pump.  Two variants of the Bubble Puller are available with one intended for 1:10 racers, both onroad and offroad, and a large version for offroad racers for both 1:10 and 1:8 use.  Both of them have a compact, quality design and reliable operation, which simplifies the process of removing air bubbles, making it quicker, easier and more effective.  Using an electric vacuum pump for removing air bubbles from RC car damper oil offers several advantages. It helps prevent foaming and cavitation, which can lead to unpredictable suspension behaviour and reduced damping effectiveness and also improves their performance and responsiveness.  The package also includes a quality case, ensuring the protection of the pump during transport and storage.

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June 27, 2023

MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount for Drift

MIBO has introduced this adjustable aluminium front body mount for drift cars which features a strong 10mm magnets and hidden structure for clean look of the chassis. The MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount offers a unique and innovative solution for attaching the body shell to the chassis, that is now completely invisible. Like other magnetic body mounts, it removes holes and body clips from the bodyshell, but unlike them, it now removes visible parts from the chassis as well. Its aluminium structure is mounted on the inner side of the body, so the chassis keeps a sleek look. Without any posts, or even without front bumper, if you want. Just use a pair of the included magnets as washers under screws in a suitable location. It offers a wide range of adjustments to fit almost any combination of chassis and bodyshell. Featuring variable spacing for magnets, height and angle of the mounting plate, it can be attached by lexan-friendly glue, or double-sided tape. And when tightened properly, it becomes so sturdy, you will never need to worry about it getting loose.

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June 6, 2023

MIBO Carbon handle Allen Wrenches

Adding to its range of products, MIBO has released a new range of hex wrenches.  Featuring a light carbon handle and very hard tip with an all black handle and tip finish, the wrench size is marked on the aluminium insert of the handle.  The MIBO Allen Wrench is designed with the needs of RC racing enthusiasts in mind.  It’s lightweight carbon design makes it easy to carry in your pit box or toolbox. Thanks to sufficient dimensions and a solid surface it’s also comfortable during extensive use.  The tip material was custom-made and thoroughly tested to find an optimal balance of hardness.  The hex edges are highly resilient from stripping, so if you want a tip, that survives occasional bolt head strips without any harm, this one is for you. And while it’s not advised to use it as a lever, it’s still not overly easy to snap.

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May 16, 2023

MIBO Racing Tire Sander

MIBO has added this Racing Tire Sander to its range of racing accessories.  A must-have tool for every onroad racing driver to prepare their tyres for optimal performance on the track, it makes removing mold lines from new tires quick and easy, allowing you to skip several laps of wear-in time.  It is designed for use with files or sanding papers, available in various grit options.  The rotation speed helps to effectively and evenly remove the mold lines, ensuring a smooth tyre surface.  This way your tyres can provide better traction and consistent handling right from the start, allowing you to focus on achieving faster lap times.

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April 5, 2023

MIBO Drift King Gyro

MIBO has introduced a new Drift King Gyro that is a new generation among gyros of its category.  Racers may have come across gain curve settings (PCA, QUICK, Gain curve etc.) on a top-end gyros already but until now, it was in higher price range and harder to set up.  This function, however, moves the RWD drift machines driving to a next level.  Setting the gain level is not just about compromise between enough stabilisation and not losing steering response, thanks to it.  It allows the smoothest possible ride, with sensitive control and quick angle changes.  That’s why we wanted to bring the gain curve to a lower price category.  The curve progression was tuned in cooperation with drivers of various categories, from beginners to experienced competition drivers, so it fits well for most users possible and built into the gyro software.  That means it works optimally right after switching the gyro on and doesn’t bring any extra setting to worry about.

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