October 2, 2019

Sweep EXP R3 Pro Carpet touring car rubber tyres

Coming from Sweep Racing is their new EXP R3 Pro Carpet competition touring car rubber tyre. The all-new tyre was developed in cooperation with Mibosport for the use on ETS spec carpet and as hand-out tyre for the popular Mibosport Cup series. Testing took place in Europe and Asia with the help of different level Modified and Stock drivers, and it was headed by Mibosport driver Ronald Völker. The tyres use the proven carpet 32 shore hardness rubber compound with the new R3 carcass profile offering improved steering response and forward traction. The carcass has a rounder shape for better steering emphasis and the durable compound will ensure more consistent lap times toward the end of a run. In addition the all-new pink-colour tyre insert helps with overall durability, ensuring exceptional tyre life. The tyres will become available from the second week of October.

Source: Mibosport [mibosport.com]

August 23, 2019

Sweep Racing/Mibosport SQS-32PGL tires on BBS rims

Coming from Sweep Racing in cooperation with Mibosport, one of the biggest racing shop in Europe, is the brand new SQS-32PGL competition tire on BBS style rims. Specially designed for the realistic touring car classes, in particular the growing front wheel drive 1/10th touring car class., they are a belted low profile slick offering good traction, making them easy to drive without traction roll. They come pre-glued on black BBS style rims offering a cool and realistic look and each set of tyres includes 5 sets of coloured rim stickers for matching with your body colour. These tyres will be used on the upcoming new season of Mibosport Cup in their new FWD and GT Stock categories.

Source: Mibosport [mibosport.com]

February 25, 2019

Martin Bayer teams up with Mibosport

Mibosport have announced the addition of Xray off-road frontrunner, Martin Bayer to their team. Martin will be using Sanwa products in all of his Xray 1/8th and 1/10th scale rides while being Mibosport representative at all races he attends locally, nationally and abroad. Martin has the following to day about the deal:

I am very happy I can join Mibosport team. It’s great opportunity for me and I have to thanks to Michal Bok for his trust in me. I will be racing with new Sanwa M17 radio, everyone is welcome to come for chat about new radio, and I am free to help. See you on track.

Source: Mibosport [mibosport.com]

August 23, 2018

Mibosport Team Wear T-shirt

Coming from Mibosport is their new Team Wear T-shirt collection. Available in Navy, Military Green, Irish Green, Blue, Purple and Orange colour the shirt features a flashy Mibosport logo that is printed on high-quality heather style shirts. The tees are available in all popular adult sizes from now on.

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July 26, 2016

Ronald Völker teams up with Mibosport

Ronald Völker teams up with Mibosport

Mibosport have announced the signing of Yokomo’s Ronald Völker. A good friend of Mibosport’s Michal Bok the German frontrunner will help with both development and testing of new products, bringing in a vast amount of experience. Ronald has the following to say about the deal:

I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Mibosport Team as they show a great passion for RC by offering awesome products and running a very popular and successful Mibosport series throughout the winter season.

Source: Mibosport [mibosport.com]

June 2, 2016

Mibosport Yokomo on-road & off-road chassis skins

Mibosport Yokomo on-road & off-road chassis skins

Mibosport have introduced new chassis skins for Yokomo’s latest on-road and off-road vehicles. Coming pre-cut, in a carbon fibre design and sporting the respective car logos the decals protect the chassis bottom from becoming damaged or excessively scratched on abrasive surfaces. They are available for the YZ-2 and YZ-4 buggy, the BD7-2016 touring with carbon or aluminium chassis as well as the YR-10 formula car.

Source: Mibosport [mibosport.com]

February 18, 2016

Mibosport offers pre-painted Yokomo buggy bodies


Mibosport and Yokomo Europe have introduced pre-painted Yokomo 2WD and 4WD buggy bodyshells. Made in cooperation with DubiDesign and DF Creative the first bodies are available are for the YZ-2 and B-Max4 with YZ-4 variants become available at a later date. All bodies are genuine Yokomo parts, they come trimmed and are available in red, yellow, green, blue or pink designs and they include the original pre-cut decal sheets in the respective colour.

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October 22, 2015

Mibosport tire knife tool

Mibosport tire knife tool

Mibosport have introduced their tire knife tool for rubber on-road tyres. The razor-sharp fork helps to remove the performance-hampering moulding flash on touring car and formula rubber tires, thus doing away with the need to pre-scrub the tire before use in most cases. The knife is made from high-quality stainless steel and it comes etched with the Mibosport logo.

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