June 9, 2019

X-Grip Conveyor cooling fan mount

European X-Grip distributors Mikimodel have introduced the Conveyor cooling fan mount. The 3-D-printed part is made of carbon reinforced material and it weighs in at only 5g, hardly changing the overall weight balance of the chassis. A trick clip takes the fan’s JST connector for a more tidy look and the mount’s design will reduce the operation temperatures of the motor by about ten degrees. The mount is usable with most motor cooling fans.

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May 20, 2019

X-Grip 1/10th pan car foam tyres

European X-Grip distributors Mikimodel have introduced their new range of foam tyres for 1/10th scale pan cars. Developed to produce exceptional traction in all kinds of track conditions while making for an easy to drive car, the pre-trued foam tyres come as 40, 37 and 35 shore front and 32 and 30 shore rear variants, pre-mounted on black multi-spoke rims and usable for both 200mm and 235mm pan cars.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

April 9, 2019

X-Grip multi-functional pliers

European X-Grip distributors Mikimodel have introduced new multi-functional pliers that are ideal for nearly all scales of RC cars. Machined from 7075 aluminium and coming black anodised for wear and durability, the tool can be used to hold shock shafts while attaching ball cups, it allows to measure screw lengths, indicate screw or wire diameters, mount balls and ball cups and many more.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

April 3, 2019

X-Grip T4’19 titanium screw kit

Italian X-Grip distributors Mikimodel have introduced a new titanium screw kit for the Xray T4’19 touring car. Machined from high-quality grade T2 material the fasteners are highly durable and offer a very low weight. The all-titanium set includes all necessary screws to outfit the T4’19.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

September 3, 2018

X-Grip spray paint for polycarbonate bodies

The X-Grip brand now offers another alternative for your painting needs with the release of their own line of spray paint. Coming in cans of 150 ml, this lexan spray is of the highest quality and is available currently in the seven most popular colours on the market.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

July 4, 2018

X-Grip 2S balance charge harness

European X-Grip distributor Mikimodel has introduced the brand’s new 2S balance charge harness. It has a stealthy black appearance thanks to all-black wires and protective net sleeves yet the positive poles on the charger and battery side are clearly marked using red shrink wrap. The harness comes with pre-solders 4mm charger and stepped 4mm/5mm battery side connectors and industry-standard 2mm/XH balance plugs.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

June 22, 2018

X-Grip body hole reamer

European X-Grip distributor Mikimodel has announced the release of a new body hole reamer. The tool features a lightweight aluminium handle and a precision-ground steel reamer that allows to easily create up to 14mm diameter holes for body posts, antennas and more. The screw-on cap ensures the tool tip is protected during storage and transportation and the diamond-shaped surface helps to securely grip the tool during use.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]

March 20, 2018

X-Grip gold-plated bullet-type connectors & adapters

European X-Grip distributors Mikimodel have introduced their new line of gold-plated 4mm and 5mm bullet-type connectors as well as 5mm to 4mm reducer tubes. The plugs are of a heavy-duty low-profile design with pre-shaped soldering area for easy soldering and a narrow design that clears most touring car top decks. The connectors and also the reducer tubes, that are utilised to use standard 4mm speed controller connectors with 5mm LiPo packs, come gold-plated for a low resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Source: Mikimodel [mikimodel.net]