April 24, 2019

MonacoRC introduce new hoodie

MonacoRC have introduced their new high-quality hooded sweater. Made from quality cotton, the gray hoodie features red highlights such as the inside of the hood and in the laces. The embroidered customisations are featured on the back of the hoodie and two more are applied on the chest and on the left sleeve. Details focus on the two pendants at the end of the laces are also personalised with MonacoRC logo. The slim fit hoodie is available in a range of sizes and it helps to stand out both on and off the track.

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March 27, 2019

Monaco RC orange & black ball bearing kits

Coming from Monaco RC and available for many of today’s competition electric touring car kits are new ball bearing kits. Made for the new Xray T4F is an “orange” set that includes orange RZ shielded ball races with rubber and steel seals for the best combination of smoothness and protection while the black colour sets are available for the Awesomatix A800X, Infinity IF14 and Yokomo BD9. All sets utilise high quality bearings, ensuring exceptional durability and low natural drivetrain drag.

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March 12, 2019

MonacoRC anniversary trucker cap

To celebrate the first anniversary of their brand, MonacoRC have introduced their all-new trucker cap. The white front hosts the MonacoRC embroidered logo while the red bill is decorated with a red cord. The back is made in blue mesh to complete the MonacoRC signature colours. The snap back hat allows for easy size-adjustment and it is available from now on.

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March 7, 2019

Ronald Völker to use Diff Check Plus tool

Monaco RC have announced the addition of Germany’s Ronald Völker to the growing Diff Check team. The IFMAR World Champion has started using the diff hardness measuring tool recently to check and adjust the gear differentials of his Yokomo rides and he has the following to say:

Finally an instrument for diff measurement that is reliable and that allows the reading before and after the run.

Source: Diff Check [diffcheck.info]

February 25, 2019

Monaco RC fireproof LiPo bags

Coming from Monaco RC are two new fireproof LiPo bags. First up is the large LiPo Fly Bag, a handy container that allows to conveniently carry up to five standard size LiPo packs. The bag measures 205x55x155mm and it was designed with weekly racing and even travelling in mind. The sturdy design with a double zipper and the fireproof material allows to take the bag on-board of airplanes and due to the large size, it also can be used to transport power banks, camera batteries, electronic cigarettes and more. On track it also makes a spacious charge bag. The LiPo Fly Bag is available with a pre-cut inner foam or as bag only, making it even more versatile. Also new is Monaco RC’s standard LiPo safe bag, a traditional bag that takes up to three standard size LiPo bags. Made from fire-repellant fibre material and coming with a large hook and look strap, the bag is ideal for storage, transportation or charging of most RC-related LiPo batteries.

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February 12, 2019

Monaco RC Diff Check Plus

Monaco RC have introduced their all-new Diff Check Plus, an updated design of the company’s original Diff Check differential hardness checker. The Plus variant is of a more versatile design thanks to its internal 9V batteries that allows to use the tool without the need of an additional power source, making for much easier diff action checks even in the starting grid or directly after a run. In addition to the internal battery, the Diff Check Plus is also usable with an external power source. The device was developed in Italy and it is housed in a sturdy case, machined from a single piece of aluminium and coming anodised for looks and wear. High-quality graphics make the Diff Check Plus stand out while a high-quality protective case ensures the tool stays nice and shiny. The diff checker comes with an adapter that allows you to measure stand-alone diff units while an array of optional adapters, from 1/12th up to 1/8th scale also makes diff checking of installed units possible.

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January 17, 2019

Monaco RC EV-Peak PU2 Black Edition power supply

Monaco RC have announced the release of the EV-Peak PU2 Black Edition power supply. Small but powerful the black colour power supply matches perfectly with the recently introduced EV-Peak-AR1 Black/Monaco RC edition charger. A clever coupler makes for a very neat and clean setup with no unnecessary or unreliable wires incorporated. The power source supplies up to 24V and 14.5A of output and it is available separately or as bundle package with the AR1 charger.

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January 7, 2019

Corner Speed RC EU limited edition turnbuckle tool

Corner Speed RC and MonacoRC have introduced the EU limited edition turnbuckle tool that will fit Xray T4’15 to ’19 as well as Yokomo BD8’18 and BD9 kits. Base on the very popular previous variant, the new tool features a laser engraved logo for professional looks. Two marking letters – X and Y – representing Xray and Yokomo have also been added, making it easier to identify the two different ball cup holder slots. Every single tool has been manually matched for the smoothest operation. Even more special, MonacoRC will offer a limited free custom name engraving service for the first buyers.

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