December 1, 2022

MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex X4

MonacoRC has released the MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex X4 for Xray’s hugely popular 1:10 electric touring car. The Rubber Bumper Flex is a specially made bumper as defined by the name with a thermoplastic material that makes it highly resilient to frontal impacts of your model, but that is not all. Thanks to the study of the right measurement relating to the hexagonal texture of its design increases the steering of your X4 implemented by the slowdown of the air flow under the model. The design of the MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex has also been lowered to minimise its weight, but the contact surface with the rest of the bumper components has remained unchanged to allow greater safety in the event of an impact. The bumper weighs 13g and has a contact body surface size of 8.0 mm.

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November 30, 2022

MonacoRC Brass Shim Kit

MonacoRC is pleased to present the Brass Shim Kit in 4 sizes (2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm)
Designed to be able to better set the roll centre of your car, the material used, brass, plays a fundamental role, increasing the weight at the lowest point in order to consequently lower the centre of gravity and making the car even more stable.

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September 25, 2022

MonacoRC Duct Plus

MonacoRC has just released the Duct Plus, a conveyor specially designed to implement cooling on your stock motor to maximise the performance and life of your motor. Duct Plus is equipped with a special duct in the upper part which, due to the Venturi effect, adds an EXTRA air flow to your motor, reducing the temperature by 5/6°C more than normal conveyors. This duct is the result of numerous tests to find the right size / pressure combination to bring a significant improvement in cooling. Duct Plus is made with FDM 3D printing using the best plastic polymers on the market, to guarantee resistance and aesthetic quality, also thanks to its light design it is the lightest on the market.

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September 24, 2022

MonacoRC Front Body Stop Xray X4/Awesomatix A800

MonacoRC has released two new Front Body Stops for the Xray X4 and Awesomatix A800 adding another useful bodyshell reinforcement to compliment their line of Body Tuck items. This innovative item can be used to determine the play of the front part of the bodyshell. Different thickness of shim (together with a screw) makes it adjustable between different bodyshells and different setting preferences. The benefit is, improved steering response and a more predictable feel, especially at high speeds.

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August 30, 2022

MonacoRC Special Tweak Bar for Xray X4/Awesomatix

MonacoRC has released this special tweak bar that fits both the XRAY X4 and Awesomatix touring car. The tweak bar is used to push down onto the bulkheads, with the car sitting on a flat surface, to make sure that the chassis is perfectly flat when you tighten the screws of your top deck. This item is extremely easy to use, and can quickly solve any handling problems caused by a tweaked chassis plate.

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August 28, 2022

MonacoRC Body Tuck

MonacoRC has developed a line of reinforcements, in three different models, called Body Tuck. Body Tuck is a reinforcement for bodyshells specially designed to have the following characteristics of Lightness, Resilience & Simplicity. The reinforcements are made with supports specially designed for the most popular car bodies on the market and are made with resin 3D printing.  Resin 3D (SLA) printing allows the piece to have a considerably higher toughness and resilience than the classic filament printing, the final aesthetic finish of the product is also indisputable, for which MonacoRC have paid great attention both in the production and in the design of the product.

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June 22, 2022

MonacoRC Race of Champions #2 – Announcement

MonacoRC are happy to announce another Race of Champions event. This event will be held at the beautiful Club Automodellistico 5 Colli in Gubbio, Italy during the weekend of August 13-14. The event will be the perfect opportunity for final preparations for the upcoming IFMAR World Championships, which is to be held in September. MonacoRC’s 2nd ever Race of Champions will be run with the official IFMAR controlled tire and additive from Hot Race, to try and simulate the conditions of the WC event. They are welcoming drivers in the categories of TC stock and modified, as well as Formula. More info at the below link soon.

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May 24, 2022

MonacoRC corner weight & LCG battery bags

MonacoRC is proud to present two new MonacoRC bag medium blue versions, one with new inner foam to easily and safety carry the SkyRC SCWS2000 corner weight system and one with new Ultra LCG battery inner foam. This case/bag is distinguished from the previous version with a greater attention to detail with an interior all printed with the MonacoRC logo in red tone on tone and a superior quality of workmanship. Inside, the practical mesh pocket is also red and a MonacoRC label has been applied to embellish it. The exterior maintains that sobriety that made this bag so loved, but for reasons of ease of use the zippers with the MonacoRC logo are now two instead of one. With similar but slightly larger dimensions, the new bag is still easy-to-carry thanks to the practical handle.

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