October 23, 2022

MXLR Carbon Charger Stand

MXLR has released a ‘First Edition’ Carbon Charger Stand. With limited pit space it is important to have everything as organised as possible on your pit table to maintain enough space for wrenching on your cars. Usually the charging equipment takes the most space on the table. The “First Edition MXLR Carbon Charger Stand helps with saving space and frees up more room in your pits. Made in Germany it has the full ‘Pro’ look as its made from carbon and aluminium only! The design offers multiple possibilities for the placement of your charging equipment. The top plate has perfect sized holes in the front area to allow XT60 and 4/5mm banana plugs go through, as well as bigger sized holes in the rear for XT90 and other bigger plug types.  As a finishing touch an engraved “MXLR First Edition” alloy badge in the top plate.

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August 12, 2022

MXLR FlexBumper & CBRS

MXLR, the brand of top touring car driver Max Machler, has extended its product line with four new items. The MXLR FlexBumper is 3D printed with thermoplastic polyurethane for the optimal strength and flexibility and is offered in 3 variations to fit Aweomsatix’ A12, A800FX and A800MMX kits. The advantages over foam bumpers are FlexBumper absorbs hits better and doesn’t transfer them as much into the chassis structure. It is more robust and sturdy and it always goes back to original shape and don’t drag on the ground after a crash. The other new release from the German brand is its Carbon Body Reinforcement Set (CBRS) to help prevent your body shell from unwanted deformation and body tucks.

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February 15, 2022

MXLR Anti-wear, O-ring greases & Elastic tire glue

MXLR are happy to extend their production line with three new products to keep your RC model in the best shape and on the highest performance level. The new anti-wear grease is made in Germany with a special manufacturer for grease and oil. The special mixture reduces the wear of driveshafts and gears, and indeed all metal-to-metal connections. It is high pressure resistant and super sticky enabling it to stay in the right place. Next up is their new O-Ring grease, which is also produced in Germany and consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to protect O-Rings / seals against swelling or shrinking. Additionally, the grease further reduces the friction and adds extra smoothness for the perfect operation of dampers and gear diffs. Lastly is their new Elastic tire glue that stays elastic and offers phenomenal gluing power. The best choice for gluing your RC tires, as it doesn’t stiffen up the rubber-plastic combo as much as other glues. Your tire game will be a lot more consistent and smoother, resulting in better performance on the track. Also perfect for sidewall gluing of rubber and foam tires. The tire itself keeps the ability to ‘work’ as the sidewalls can still float/move, whilst the glue stays flexible and doesn’t get brittle.

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October 27, 2021

MXLR caster correction stickers

MXLR noted that there are a few 1/10 TC setup systems out there which have the incorrect caster scale engraved on them. If the scale is too narrow, its one of the incorrect versions, and your caster setting isn’t actually the number it displays. With these MXLR Caster correction stickers you are able to fix your caster scales without the need to buy a whole new system. They are precisely printed and cut for a perfect fit to the setup system. As a small extra, they added FL, FR and RL, RR marks on the stickers to increase the consistency of your setup procedure by using the same setup system part always in the same spot. Two versions for different Setup Systems are available, for Hudy 1/10 TC Alloy System and for the G-Force & SkyRC 1/10 TC Alloy System.

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July 1, 2021

MXLR adjustable alloy servo arm

MXLR have created this adjustable alloy servo arm to offer you a strong and reliable height adjustable servo arm which stands up to the highest competition demands. The 3mm range for the height adjustment of the ball stud is a huge setup option which you shouldn’t miss to play with. A higher turning point generates more initial response, while a lower turning point calms down the steering and creates a finer resolution. You are able to set any height between 16-19mm without the need to switch any plates or parts of the horn, which makes it a quick setup change option by sliding the ball stud up or down. The slightly bulkier arm design adds some extra strength and reliability. For the perfect ‘play free fit’ with the servo spline the design utilise a clamping design. Available in two versions, 23T & 25T, the servo arm is machined from high quality black anodised aluminium with silver edges and laser engraved logo.

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February 23, 2021

MXLR SideBite R-1 rubber tire additive & body decals

MXLR have introduced their new SideBite R-1 rubber tire additive. The tires are the only connection between your car and the racetrack with condition and preparation of the surface the difference between victory or defeat. With this additive your tire game will always be on point. Odourless and non-toxic to comply with worldwide racing associations rules, it is ideal for all track conditions and surfaces. Comes in a handy plastic bottle with integrated sponge applicator and sealing cap and is developed, produced and filled in Germany. Also from MXLR are two decal sets , the first of which is the Ace headlight sticker set for 1/10 bodyshells that comes with three different grills as well as head- and tail-light pairs on the sheet. Finally the MXLR decal sheet is more than just the typical brand logo sheet, they have included their popular ‘Send it!’ logo sticker as well as the cool locking ‘murica’ style license plates. Every sticker sheet is pre-cut and covered by high quality shiny laminate to protect the print from UV-light and chemical cleaners.

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February 4, 2021

MXLR tungsten weights, wing accessories, oils & decals

More new items from MXLR, new brand from Max Mächler, starting with the new range of tungsten weights. Firstly there s the small footprint weights to get your car well balanced and up to race weight even if the space is very limited. Available as 5g. and 10g. versions with round corners as well as polished top and lower surfaces. There is also a 12 gram weight designed to fit under the receiver of your car. The weight matches perfectly with the Sanwa RX-491 and RX-493 receivers as well as it can be used with any other receivers. The final set of weights are meant to fit under speed controllers, especially under the light stock version esc’s from various brands. Available in 15gram and 20gram versions.

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January 25, 2021

Max Mächler introduces new brand ‘MXLR’

Fresh out of Germany from top Touring car racer Max Mächler comes the brand MXLR. Offering customers a large array of products to achieve the best performance both on and off the racetrack, their entire product line, from tungsten weights to high-quality lubricants and specialised tools, is made for enthusiasts who want to maximise the performance of their RC vehicles. All products have been extensively developed and tested at the highest level by professional RC racers. Along with the brand announcement, we will focus on three items from their range, the first two of which are dedicated to the Awesomatix line of touring cars.

Find out about the first 3 products here