September 6, 2018

MyLaps RC4 Pro transponder

MyLaps have introduced the RC4 Pro, what they claim is the world’s smallest transponder. The RC4 Pro features a shorter 8cm / 3.15in cable, ensuring a perfect fit every time and the pitch-black design gives any RC car that beautiful finish it deserves. The transponder comes in at only 3 grams, making it almost as light as a feather.

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January 12, 2018

Black edition MyLaps transponders

Team Associated have introduced black edition MyLaps lap counting transponders. The Hybrid (2-wire) transponder is the same size and features many of the same specs as the RC4 transponder, but it is backwards compatible with older decoder boxes. This transponder does not support car ID numbers. It is compatible with all AMBrc2 decoder boxes and MyLaps RC3 and RC4 decoder boxes. The RC4 (3-wire) transponder is the latest in the line of transponders from MyLaps. The RC4 transponder supports car ID numbers so you can have the same transponder number in all your cars, with a different ID for each. The RC4 transponder also gives additional telemetry data such as voltage to the transponder and transponder temperature each time the loop is crossed. This transponder will only work on RC4 decoder boxes with version 4 firmware or higher.

View the 3-wire transponder here

December 4, 2009

MyLaps RC4 Transponder and Protocol

MyLaps RC4 Transponder and Protocol

Having brought you photos of the new AMBrc transponder a month ago, the Dutch company have released the complete information on the new RC4 Hybrid Transponder and new communication protocol under the MyLaps name. Because the new MyLaps RC4 Timing System will not be available at all clubs and tracks at once, the MyLaps RC4 Hybrid Transponder has been released to make life easier for everyone. It works on the new MyLaps RC4 Timing System, so you are well prepared but is also 100% backwards compatible, working on all current Mylaps RC2 and RC3 Timing Systems.

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