May 4, 2022

NathoBuilds car & servicing stand

NathoBuilds car & servicing stands will hold either your 1/10th or 1/8th buggy and aid in rebuilding your shocks and diffs. Featuring machined aluminium legs and carbon fibre non-slip top plate, along with different optional attachments hat you can buy separately or purchase them all as a Pro Kit.

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February 7, 2022

NathoBuilds titanium lower arm studs

NathoBuilds titanium lower arm studs are a great way to help you maintain your 1/10th buggy, truck or drag car more effectively, without the worry of stripping out screws on the lower shock. The hex design sports a flange neck that will allow you to firmly grip the stud, which will firmly tighten the arm and moves the shocks 3mm forward in the car, giving you more clearance from the spring to the turnbuckle. This design also improves cars handling on low and high bite surface.

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January 31, 2022

NathoBuilds Fan mount shroud V2

NathoBuilds new fan mount shroud V2 is a perfect way to keep your cars looking trick and temps cool. It’s made from high-quality carbon fibre and 3D PLA+ material and suits most popular 4wd buggies. Designed and manufactured to last, the set includes SS screws with NBR snap lock case and can accommodate 30mm fans.

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November 16, 2021

NathoBuilds tool holder, wing button & fan mounts

NathoBuilds have released a number of new items starting with this lightweight, stylish and customisable tool holder. This is one of their ‘Tops’ which are interchangeable allowing you to change the style, colour or material with other NathoBuilds Tops. This tool holder easily fits into your parts bag or tool box, looks stylish on your pit table or workbench with its carbon fibre base with non slip rubber feet and it can keep up to 7 tools. Next up is this rear wing button that firmly holds your rear wing with an all in one design with a profile outer edge. Suitable for most 1/8th offroad buggy rear wings, it comes with SS Screws included. Finally there are the 40mm & 30mm fan mounts that keeps your motor temps running cool with the mount sitting behind the motor. Designed with a carbon fibre base with a 3D printed mount, is suitable for most 1/10th and 1/8th buggys.

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October 11, 2021

NathoBuilds XB2 rear tower & carbon fan guards

NathoBuilds have released this optional rear shock tower for the Xray XB2 ’20 & 21. Designed to have the rear camber links to sit on the tower rather than the aluminium or kit plastic ball stud mount, which they say can bend or twist under load. By moving the inner ball studs to the tower this reduces this angle and provides a more reliable mounting for them. Each hole is spaced 2mm which replicates to 0mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm on the kit mount. Also from NathoBuilds is this range of carbon fibre fan guards, which is an easy way to add a custom look to any 40, 30, 25 & 20mm fan and also an excellent way to protect your fan.

View the fan guards here

October 4, 2021

NathoBuilds XB2 brass weight & wing angle wedge

NathoBuilds have produced some new items for the Xray XB2 and XT2. The new brass weights are available for the ESC and servo mounting plates and add 27g and 15g respectively and allow you an easy way to adjust balance in the car. Machined from 2mm thick high quality brass, heavy duty double sided tape is included. Also for the XB2 is a carbon optional that allows you to run your wing at 6deg or 3deg making it perfect for fine tuning the car’s handling.

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September 10, 2021

NathoBuilds new range of grease & lube

NathoBuilds have announced its new range of Grease and Lube.. The range includes black grease, copper grease, diff lube and o-ring grease and all work in different areas of your car. The black grease offers great performance for your drivetrain and can be used on CVA’s, metal gears, diff outdrives, metal to metal contact. Long lasting, it can withstand high temperatures giving you a buttery smooth drivetrain. The copper grease keeps metal gears in top condition, preventing wear while making sure you have a buttery smooth drive line. It can be used on bevel gears and metal to metal contact. The diff lube as its name suggests give you a buttery smooth and long lasting ball diff for maximum performance. Finally is the o-ring grease which is great for use on your shocks and diffs giving smooth shock action without swelling your o-rings or x-rings. All greases are supplied in 20 gram aluminium tin.

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September 6, 2021

NathoBuilds carbon fibre wire clips

NathoBuilds have released this pair of carbon fibre wire clips, which are a great way to keep your wiring organised and looking trick. Available in 2 versions, for 2 and 3 wire pairs, they clip over both 12 awg and 13 awg wires to keep them neat and tidy. Each package includes 2 wire clips.

View the 2-wire version here