February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – Mugen Seiki

Mugen Ninja JX21 B01

Mugen Seiki were showing off their new Ninja range of O.S. made motors on their stand this year. Branding of the engines stays the same as when they were GRP made and the engines retain the same grey finish but of course the motors themselves are completely different. Currently they only have the JX21 B01 buggy engine as the other motors are not ready yet. Also for the engine was one of the new range of Ninja JX series exhaust systems and manifolds.

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January 28, 2008

Ninja JX21 B-01 buggy motor

 Ninja JX21 B-01 buggy motor

The other day we wrote about the new O.S. made Ninja motors, and today Mugen have placed images and specifications of their new buggy motor online. Featuring a lightened and hardened 14mm crankshaft, the JX21 B-01 is a 5 port motor that is said to output 2.48 bhp at 33,000 rpm. Expect to see the full range on display at next months toy fair in Nuremberg.

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January 26, 2008

New Ninja engines made by O.S.

 New Ninja engines made by O.S.

Following on from the announcement by GRP that they would stop producing engines for the Mugen owned Ninja brand, comes the first pictures of the new OS made Ninja motors. According to our site partners Neo Buggy, “the engine, OEM manufactured by OS engines for Ninja, is loosely based on their V-Spec with some custom features: the crankcase is from the OS 28XZ engine and does not feature the distinctive OS ‘black’ coating, the sleeve port design is a bit different from the V-Spec, head design, the crankshaft appears to have the same ‘DLC’ coating as the OS Speed V-spec but without counterweights. All in all a mix up of a few OS engines and Ninja branding.”

Source: Neo Buggy [neobuggy.net]

January 23, 2008

GRP to stop production of Ninja brand

GRP - Ninja brand is no more

GRP have been in touch to tell us that starting from the 1st of February 2008, it will cease production of the Ninja brand of engines in order to focus 100% on the production of its own GRP brand name motors, which will be officially presented at next months Nuremberg Toy Fair. This announcement does not affect production of the Boss and Falcon engine lines which will continue to be produced. Given the big quantity of Ninja engines sold on the market, GRP commits itself in making available to Mugen all Ninja spare parts for the next 2 years.

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July 13, 2007

MRT Ninjas go on sale in Europe

Mario Rossi Tuned Ninjas go on sale

Its been a long wait for the MRT (Mario Rossi Tuned) Ninja motors since they were first shown at the Nuernberg Toy fair back in February but now MID the European distributor have announced that the complete line of 3 engines goes on general sale in Europe. Hand tuned by former Novarossi engine tuner, Mario Rossi, these new engines have a black housing, magnesium cooling head and hand selected and tuned internal components. The MR12 T01T is a 2.11cc engine for 1/10th scale circuit racing, the MR21 R01T is a 3.5cc engine for 1/8th scale circuit racing and finally we have the MR21 B01T, again a 3.5cc engine but this time for 1/8th scale off road competition.

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March 6, 2007

French Engine regulation Row

French engine regulation row

There is a bit of a storm brewing in France with regards the new EFRA rulings that allow the previous Outlaw crankshafts be used in EFRA legal motors. The row stems from a long standing FVRC (French Federation) regulation that states that EFRA rules will only be adopted 1 year after they are decided upon. The new engine regulations according to the FVRC do not fall under this year delay and are to be implemented immediately, so far all is fine. But it starts to get tricky when a certain French engine manufacturer objects to the new engine regulations being implemented this year and thus causing the new .12 Ninja motor, that has only just been released and only supplied with the current EFRA legal crankshaft to be illegal, therefore stopping the use of this engine completely in France. Of course the engines importer is fighting back and the battle is continuing on, and you can check out some info about it here and here (french).

February 6, 2007

GRP/Ninja Fast Link System update

GRP/Ninja Fast Link System

We showed this fast link system from GRP back in December and then you saw it again at Nurnberg, well now we have gotten the official word, this time from Ninja, with regards what types and versions of this springless system will be available. According to the word on the MID site, the new FL system will be made available for 2.1cc and 3.5cc circuit motors as well as for 3.5cc and 4.6cc motors for off road. The circuit pipes will be available with a choice of 3 different length manifolds whilst the off road pipe systems will have a choice of 2 lengths of manifold.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

February 6, 2007

New Ninja .12 and .28 motors

Ninja Motors

MID Mugen in Germany have announced the release of these 2 updated motors from Ninja, the .12 touring car motor (MR12 T01A) and the .28 truggy motor (MR28 M01A), in time for the 2007 race season. The new motors are similar to the .21 buggy and circuit motors that were released near the end of last year in that these new motors also now have been upgraded and sport the ‘A’ suffix at the end of their product number which mostly equates to better tolerances amongst the parts that will improve performance and reliability.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]