July 18, 2022

Nova Engines glow plugs

Following the recent announcement of the establishment of Nova Engines, the Italian brand have released the complete info on their first product, glow plugs. Available for both the onroad and offroad categories they come in 5 or 6 for offroad and 6 or 7 for onroad. Nova plugs have a guaranteed airtight seal, are made from controlled expansion materials and feature a new filament resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Automated assemblies allow for greater precision and all plugs are tested for functionality. All these details have allowed Nova Engines to optimise their glow plug for different uses, ensuring greater performance and longevity to safeguard engine reliability and durability. Sold in a handy package that contains 2 plugs in order to allow you to always have a spare on hand.

View a close up of the plugs here

June 15, 2022

Introducing Nova Engines

Introducing Nova Engines, founded by former top Italian onroad racer Stefano Colombini. As the name suggests there is a connection with the well known Novarossi brand which closed down last year. The new project counts among its founders and collaborators, the best technicians that were previously involved in Novarossi. The new company is strongly focused on the goal of guaranteeing an obsessive quality in the product. with a strong and continuous drive towards innovation and research. They said, ‘The quality and passion of our organization represent in this sense an element of strong continuity with the best years of Novarossi. With the insertion of new technical staff, the help of new design software and the latest generation machinery we are able to satisfy and guarantee the demands of a constantly evolving market togethere with a Customer Assistance service that is now more than ever necessary for our market.’ As they get up to speed their first product are glow plugs, with pipes and manifolds hitting the market in about 2 weeks with engines starting to become available by August. More details on those products as we get them.

View their new glowplugs & packaging here