March 8, 2021

Nuclear ASM Type6 .21 on-road engine

Japanese brand Nuclear have released the Type6 version of their ASM 3.5cc nitro onroad engine. An evolution of their Type5 motor, all the changes on this new motor are internal, such as the surface treatment of the piston to further reduce friction and improve the durability. The sleeve, conrod, piston connecting pin and backplate have also received this coating, which together with the newly shaped 9mm venturi, also helps to improve throttle response. The engine comes with the C1 combustion camber insert and will be available in a 9 or 7 port version.

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October 27, 2019

Ulti Invincible RS270 1/12th scale tyres

Coming from Ulti are their new Invincible RS270 high-grade 1/12th scale tyres. Developed for all racing conditions that normally use “X” compound tyres, the new foam compound offers exceptional side bite, without disrupting balance in high-grip conditions. The tyre are available pre-mounted on black multi-spoke rims and in different hardnesses. The RS270 compound can also be used in combination with Ulti’s R277 rubber for even greater tyre choices.

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July 5, 2019

Nuclear ASM R02SP Type 5 .21 on-road engine

Japanese brand Nuclear have introduced their new ultra-high performance ASM R02SP Type 5 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. Building on the Type 4 the latest variant features modified internals such as conrod, sleeve, piston pin and cover plate to ensure a maximum of performance. In addition the piston received a special treatment to greatly reduce friction while keeping full compression, further upping overall performance. The engine comes with the C1 combustion camber insert for increased torque and it is available with the M1 or fixed venturi M2 carburettor.

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