November 18, 2022

OfficinaRC Titanium Skinny-UFS

OfficinaRC has released these new Titanium Skinny-UFS screws. They are made of titanium with the best precision machines by experts Italian craftsmen in order to create a product destined to become a reference for those who’s looking for the best experience.  The attractive design and extreme technical characteristics project these screws to become the object of desire of those who’s looking for maximise any performances.  Made one by one from titanium bars. These screws have a head of only 4.4mm wide and 0.9mm thick.  Below the extremely thin head there’s a cylindrical part of 1.4mm that allows a perfect centring without preventing tightening.  Particularly suitable for:  To screw the new Xray XLP shock absorbers to shock towers where space is really limited.  But also to fix parts by increasing their torsion and reducing the weight, even if only slightly.  Ti-6Al4V is the most widely used titanium alloy in the motorsport and aerospace market.  This alloy contains 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium.  Is an excellent combination of endurance to efforts and toughness, with extra resistance to corrosion.

View screw measurements here

November 1, 2022

OfficinaRC X4’23 Billionaire, Bella Vita and Dolce Vita kits

World Champion brand OfficinaRC has released their Billionaire, Bella Vita and Dolce Vita kits for the new Xray X4 ’23.  All the pieces of the kits are made in Italy with TiAl6V4 Titanium to ensure the best possible product on the market, making the work on the car much faster and more effective. The highest quality titanium used is practically indestructible ensuring endurance and reliability.  The Billionaire kit offers the complete transformation of your X4 ’23 to titanium with the 34 piece Bella Vita kit a middle option and the 14 piece Dolce Vita kit covering the key ball studs.

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August 4, 2022

OfficinaRC Tungsten Smart Shims

OfficinaRC have added these new tungsten Smart Shims to their existing aluminium and brass Smart Shim offerings. Obsessed with quality and attention to detail, OfficinaRC say they have added the Tungsten version as a follow up to the successful introduction of the aluminium smart shim. OfficinaRC have applied a laser cut on the side of the shim in order that you can immediately recognise its size so you will no longer have any doubts and no longer need a caliper. The material used, tungsten, plays a fundamental role, increasing the weight by 8 time over the Alu Smart Shim so at the lowest point it can consequently lower the centre of gravity and make the car even more stable. Measurements are defined by solid lines with each line indicating millimetres. Offered as a pack of 8 shims they are available in 2 sizes: 3x6x1mm and 3x6x2mm.  The Tungsten Smart shim are designed by OfficinaRC in Monaco and made in Italy.

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February 16, 2022

OfficinaRC smart shim kits

From OfficinaRC, these smart shim kits contain all the measurements needed to set up your model. Available in three variants, the kits are made up of ten pieces per size and are housed in a practical plastic box. Now you will no longer have any doubts about which size it is, at a glance you will be able to recognise the fitted size and, above all, you will no longer need a caliper. Measurements are defined by solid lines and segmented lines, the solid ones indicate millimetres and the segmented ones indicate half millimetres.

View the different sets here

December 14, 2021

OfficinaRC Tungsten Disco

OfficinaRC have introduced the Tungsten Disco. These tungsten discs increase weight and help balancing the car without compromising the flex of the chassis. They are made in 2 sizes, 7.5g and 15g, with their shape is designed to be stacked on top of each other in order to select the appropriate weight. There is an internal thread so they can be easily mounted and thanks to the material used, they are heavy yet take up half the space of weights made of other materials.

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December 6, 2021

OfficinaRC SFS strong flat screw

From OfficinaRC comes their new SFS line, which stands for Strong Flat Screw and is the new Grade 5 titanium screws line made entirely in Italy. Thanks to the high quality materials and the exceptional workmanship, this new line is destined to become a standard of excellence that will revolutionise the RC world. Machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium, these screws are the result of excellent Italian mechanical processing. The production chain is certainly one of the most expensive in the world but it is also what allows them to guarantee extremely high quality standards. If saving for you means paying less for a product, this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for products that are worth their cost and guarantee quality and long life, you are in the right place. Available in M3x5, M3x6, M3x8, M3x10 and M3x12 versions.

View the SFS line up here

November 30, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 brass 6mm pivot balls

From OfficinaRC for the Xray X4, these brass 6mm pivot balls are made in Italy with the best machinery and by expert craftsmen with many years of experience. The brass used, thanks to its characteristics, guarantees maximum sliding by minimising the friction of the pivot ball in the arm. The weight is very similar to that of the original versions.

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November 22, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 Billionaire kit

OfficinaRC have introduced this extensive and very premium titanium set for the Xray X4, aptly named the ‘Billionaire’ kit. As the name suggests this is a very pricey but premium kit and includes all of OfficinaRC’s machined titanium parts for the new Xray touring car chassis. The set consists of 2 x centre shim front screw, 2 x centre shim rear screw, 4 x upper deck screw, 4 x Turnbuckle M4 – 15mm, 4 x special spur gear screw, 8 x lower pivot ball 6.0mm, 4 x ball stud 6.0mm, 8 x upper arm ball, 3 x ball stud 4.9mm, 8 x ball stud 4.9mm, 1 x ball stud 4.9mm x 10mm and 2 x Ball Stud 4.2mm Titanium x 4mm. The set also includes 8 x Alloy Nickel Hard Coated 5.8mm shock balls and 4 x ball stud 4.9mm – sway bar from the same material.

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