January 10, 2023

O.S.SPEED B21 Ongaro W.C

Famed Japanese engine manufacturer OS Engines are commemorating the addition of another World Championship title with the release of the special edition O.S.SPEED B21 Ongaro W.C engine.  In Redovan, Spain, last September factory driver Davide Ongaro took the overall TQ using a B21 Ongaro Edition before going on to secure a back to back World title.  Now this latest edition of the engine feature parts changed to during the successful defence of this World title.  The outer head has a new design that improved by reducing weight and lowering the center of gravity for better balance.  The laser design has also been brushed up and a graphic with a laurel wreath that honours the world champion has been applied.  The φ6.5mm reducer used at the World Championships is also used, and both parts are made with Ongaro’s request colour jewellery blue anodised aluminium, creating a strong presence as a special model.  The B21 Ongaro W.C special edition is only available in Combo Set with TB02 EFRA2089 (T-2090SC) + MB01-75 (M2000SC).

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August 10, 2022

O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3

O.S. Engines has introduced its newest offroad engine with the release of the O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3.  The engine is the latest offering from the Japanese company’s collaboration with Offroad racing legend Adam Drake. By adopting a boost bypass processing for the crankcase, the engine runs more smoothly, and making it even easier to drive. Adam Drake’s signature colour, blue anodized aluminium is applied to the cutting part of the new outer head, and two-colour anodized aluminium with new design is used to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity for improved driving performance. You can make a choice of two different carburettor restrictor, 6.5II for buggy and 7.5 mainly for truggy.

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May 9, 2022

O.S. Speed R21 Euro II engine

O.S. Speed have introduced their updated R21 Euro 1/8th onroad engine with the release of the Euro II. Based on their successful Euro motor released three years ago, the engine sports a host of updates starting with the new crankshaft. To obtain more power the balance of the crankshaft was updated and now sports 3 tungsten counter weights, giving an improvement in the mid range. Another effect of this change is the return to idle has been improved. The liner now has an additional cooling hole on the exhaust side and the crankcase has been updated to cater for this. The last change is only cosmetic as the cooling head now has some updated laser graphics. Available as stand alone engine or as a combo with the TR01 exhaust and MR02 manifold for long straights in Europe.

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January 28, 2022

Kyle McBride joins O.S. engines

Kyle McBride has announced on social media that he has signed a deal with O.S. engines. The Australian state ‘I am over the moon and proud to announce my official signing with O.S engines for the 2022 season. I want to give a special thank you to the O.S company for taking me in and providing me with their support and confidence for the big year ahead, and into the future. Thank you very much to Mr. Shimazaki for preparing everything and looking after me. I will be running and promoting the all new B2104 engine in all of my 1/8th Nitro vehicles, along with all of the quality products that O.S provides. It’s going to be a great future ladies and gentlemen.’

Source: O.S. Speed [osspeed.com]

December 26, 2021

O.S. Speed B21 Ongaro Edition

Davide Ongaro has his first Ongaro Edition O.S. Speed B21, having joined the Japanese brand at the start of 2021. Modified according to his own feelings, it is based on the latest O.S. Speed B2104 off-road engine. The crankshaft has been changed to a counter web shape and uses of single tungsten weight specially made for this engine to suit his driving style. The inner head also has a specially designed combustion chamber, and the synergistic effect of these gives a smooth feeling and more powerful top end. In addition, the outer head adopts a standard round type, and sports Ongaro’s original logo mark. A new size φ5.8mm / φ6.3mm black anodised restrictor is also used for the carburettor to create an “Engine that can win big races” that matches his requirements. They will also have a combo set that includes the TB02 (also known as T-2090) EFRA 2089 tuned silencer with MB01-75 (75mm) manifold.

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October 25, 2021

T-Works power boost backplate for OS .21

T-Works have announced their new power boost backplate for O.S. Speed .21 engines. The power boost backplate is designed to increase mid to high range power while also increasing fuel efficiency and quicker return to idling. It can be used with both off-road and on-road engines and is a simple bolt on replacement for the standard part.

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August 20, 2021

O.S. Speed B2104 buggy engine

OS have introduced the new OS Speed B2104, a long-stroke .21 offroad engine, featuring quicker response in the low range and more torque in middle range, along with consistent idling. The new piston/liner is conventional 3-port type enabling more torque over the power range, while the new crankshaft has DLC coating and two tungsten counterweights embedded in the crankshaft contributing to consistent idling and quick return to idle. The boost port and the exhaust port of the crankcase are redesigned for optimum air flow, while the rest of the engine remains familiar with the use of 22E type carburettor and conventional round-shape cooling head with standard height. Also available as part of a combo with the TB03 (T-2100, EFRA 2155) silencer with 80mm manifold.

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April 28, 2021

OS Speed R21 Shimo Edition 2

OS Engines have released their new OS Speed R21 Shimo Edition 2 onroad engine, a collaboration with top Japanese racer Takaaki Shimo. Visually the engine has received a very nice champagne colour to both the cooling head and venturi, while internally there has also been work done to the R21 engine. A new crankshaft design focuses on power delivery throughout the range while the 7 port liner has also received attention to optimise it for the new crankshaft. Sold as a combo set, it comes supplied with the EFRA2165 Tuned silencer set MR03 that includes the WC Exhaust manifold set.

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