January 16, 2012

Peak Racing competition LiPo packs

Peak Racing have introduced their new line of competition LiPo packs. The goal was to produce cells made for the RC Car application and not to just choose existing cells from the industrial production and put them on the market. Everything started from a blank page, a new factory has been established and all the production is exclusive to Peak. The first packs include a  5000mAh 90C 7.4V pack, a 5500mAh 90C 7.4V saddle pack and finally a 6400mAh 90C 3.7V pack.

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March 4, 2011

Peak Racing Vantage BL motors

Peak Racing Vantage BL motors

Peak Racing have released their new Vantage brushless motors in 7.5T, 13.5T and 17.5T versions. Fully rebuildable with adjustable timing, these sensored motors are tested and tuned at racing tracks all over the world by the best drivers in the world. This means that not only performance is tested but also reliability, giving you some of the best motors out in the market today.

Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]

September 2, 2010

Peak Racing PowerPro Charger

Peak Racing PowerPro Charger

Peak Racing have announced the release of their new PowerPro Charger. Whether your charging LiPo, LiFe or LiMa or even NiMH or NiCd this charger has got you covered and will keep your cells in proper order cycle after cycle. Charging at up to a maximum of 6A with up to 6 cell NiMh/NiCd and 2 cell LiPo/LiFe, it can handle just 4A for 7-10 cell NiMh/NiCd and 3-4 cell LiPo/LiFe. Discharging current is between 0.1A-1A and it has an adjustable discharge voltage cut off. Featuring up to 10 saved user profiles, its laser blue LCD display lets you easily find your way around the menu.

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October 3, 2009

The Peak Racing brand returns

The Peak Racing brand returns

Kyosho America have announced the return of Peak Racing to North/South America. After a 2 year break they our now ready to re-launch the Peak Racing brand of World Championship winning power accessories. Peak Racing was founded decades ago by racers for racers and Peak Racing will continue this World Championship winning tradition. All Peak Racing products will be designed and tested in the USA by many of the previous Peak Racing staff assuring all of your electric racing needs will be met and surpassed. Kyosho America will begin taking orders and shipping all new Peak Racing products beginning Oct. 30 2009. The first month will include an ever growing battery line, followed up with electric motors, chargers and other electronics with the full launch line shipping by the end of this Holiday season.

UPDATE: Peak Racing founder Rick Hohwart wanted to clarify to us (see comments below) that he is not involved in the revival of the brand he started back in 1985, and subsequently left in 2007.

Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]

June 22, 2007

Rick Hohwart leaves Peak Racing

Rick Hohwart leaves Peak Racing

Rick Hohwart, top racer and founder of Peak Racing released a statement on the RC Tech forum announcing that he had no longer anything to do with Peak or Team Orion and has left the company he founded back in 1985.

I want to inform everyone on R/C Tech that I no longer work, race for, or have anything to with Team Orion/Peak Racing. … I will still continmue racing for Team Associated, but will now use LRP speedos, LRP BL motors, and Reedy batteries. I’d like to personally thank everyone who supported me and Peak Racing in the past. I started the company way back in 1985 and without my loyal customers and sponsors, I would have been out of the R/C industry long ago. R/C cars are my life, and I will continue working somewhere in the R/C industry. I am just not exactly sure where at this time.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net] / Image: 4wdrc [4wdrc.com]

May 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE – Kyosho buys Team Orion

EXCLUSIVE - Kyosho buys Team Orion

Following on from what we had heard earlier in the week, we can now confirm to you that the 2nd announcement to be made by Kyosho is that they have purchased Team Orion. From what we hear the deal means that the Japanese company now owns Team Orion Europe, Japan and USA, and we presume Peak Motors too, and that they also now own the CRF engine project. Our source in Japan also confirmed that they saw a group photo being taken which included Joel Johnson (head of Kyosho USA), Masayuki Suzuki (president of Kyosho) and Philippe Neidhart (former owner of Team Orion) which would suggest that all 3 will be involved in some way within the new companies. We hope to bring you the official release when we get it.

March 9, 2007

First Picture – Peak Racing Vantage BL motor

Peak Motors Vantage BL

This is the first picture of the soon to be released Vantage Brushless motor from Peak. Made using the same pedigree as the previous motors in the World Champion Vantage range, the Vantage BL is Peaks first entry into the competition brushless motor market. Longer run time, with maximum power throughout the entire run, combined with superior braking shows this motor is meant for serious racers and it works with all the leading sensored and sensorless 1:10 brushless ESC’s.

Source: Peak Motors [peakmotors.com]

February 15, 2007

Peak Racing Dynasty 19-turn motor

Peak Racing Dynasty

Peak Racing have released this high end competition 19-turn motor called the Dynasty, which features a redesigned armature that optimizes the balance between low-end torque and high speed RPM for excellent performance on all surfaces. The new Mega Flow can, featuring strategically placed vents for maximum airflow and optimized magnetic field strength, lowers operating temperatures resulting in greater power output and fade-free performance from the starting horn to the checkered flag.

Source: Peak Racing [peakmotors.com]