January 23, 2007

Peak Racing PowerFlo 35 IB4200 WC Matched Cells

Peak Racing PowerFlo 35 IB4200

Peak Racing have released their new PowerFlo voltage enhanced Intellect (IB) cells, the same type of cells that won last years World 1/12th title in the hands of David Spashett. Continual updates to the PowerFlo voltage enhancement process, and increased discharge rates during testing ito 35 amps, to more realistically portray actual racing conditions, have made these cells some of the best you can get.

Team versions contain the cream-of-the-crop cell with maximum run time and voltage with low internal resistance. HV (high voltage) versions feature lower run times, but are perfect for stock, 19-turn, and spec class racing due to their very high voltage coupled with minimum internal resistance.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

November 22, 2006

Peak Vantage 07 electric motor

Peak Vantage 07

Our partner site RCWorld.ch has news about the new Peak Vantage 07 motor and according to their report, this is the same motor that powered David Spashett to his World Championship this year.

Main New Features
– Prepared for 5-Cells
– New housing
– New rotor with special soldering technique
– New 3.8mm brushes
– Plug connection to the speed controller

Source: RC World [rcworld.ch]