September 2, 2019

Pemberton RaceWorks Slash adjustable rear arms

Pemberton RaceWorks have announced the release of their The Final Answer Traxxas Slash Edition adjustable rear arms. These arms share a design as used in the 10th scale dirt oval world, and this very same technology is now available for the ever popular Traxxas Slash platform. The product offers a great amount of track side adjustability and allow for up to 12 degrees of rear toe adjustment (+6 degrees to -6 degrees) while also allowing to access track width adjustment. The arms sport two sliding rails that are captured in the arm’s front and rear pockets. The rails can be individually positioned at various lengths creating toe-in and/or toe-out at the outer hinge pin position. Advantages of the design include no change in wheelbase while adding toe settings, and toe positioning will not move as a result of a crash or brushing the wall. Built from nearly indestructible Nylon 6-6 and aluminium, these arms are also ultra-strong and applications include dirt oval, offroad, and drag racing. The set includes arms, rails, screws, pivot balls, shims and Lunsford Titanium inner and outer hinge pins.

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August 27, 2018

Pemberton Raceworks titanium core carbon fibre

Pemberton Raceworks have announced our their release in the form of Titanium Core carbon fibre. The material combines the unmatched toughness of titanium and the stiffness and yield resistance of carbon fibre into a product that offers ideal flex parameters for RC car racing. Developed with materials experts in both the high strength metals industry and the composites industry the composite material offers additional weight ballast built into the chassis material for the lowest possible CG obtainable with the material being 20 percent heavier that the aluminium used in popular on-road chassis’s today. Exceptional yield properties maki chassis tweaking a thing of the past as does the unmatched impact strength. The standard material is 2.25mm thick and comes in 600mm x 300mm sheets. Pemberton Raceworks engineering team is available to assist with your design needs, provide CNC services, and to customise this material to specific requirements.

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