March 26, 2021

Performa P1 Radical V5 .21 offroad engine

After over a year of testing, the new Performa V5 Radical .21 offroad engine is here. Sporting a new lighter cooling head for lower centre of gravity and thus better car handling, internally the new combustion chamber increases bottom end torque and mid range power. Other changes is an updated sleeve timing and tune, new CNC piston process for unmatched longevity and DLC coated CRF design with optimised timing. A new high torque backplate helps improved response and mileage and the whole package is completed with a hand selected rear ceramic bearing.

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January 22, 2020

Performa P1 Controller 60A brushless ESC

Available now from Performa Racing is their new P1 60A brushless controller, an ideal first racing ESC. 2S to 3S LiPo-compatible and being a sensored controller, the speedo’s blinky mode allows competitive racing when running in spec motor classes. It can be used also with timing for club racing, “outlaw” or hobby use with down to 6.5T motors. The ESC is housed in a machined aluminium case for optimsed heat dissipation and it comes pre-wired with black receiver, power and motor wires for a professional look.

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January 21, 2020

Performa P1 120A brushless controller

Performa Racing are busy adding more brushless speed controllers to their range of high-performance products with the latest being the P1 120A controller. Rated at 120A and usable with sensored or sensorless motors, the 2S to 4S LiPo-compatible controller is ideal for lightweight 1/8th scale buggies as well as 1/10th scale short course and monster trucks. The high-quality hardware allows for a small 48x35mm footprint and a low weight of only 121g. A switchable 6V/7.4V BEC system gives enough performance even for power-hungry high-voltage servos and advanced programming allows to fine-tune the ESC to a wide range of track conditions. The controller is housed in a machined aluminium case for improved heat dissipation and it comes pre-wired with black cables ensuring a professional factory look.

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January 21, 2020

Performa P1 Controller 150A ESC

Performa Racing’s P1 150A Sensor/Sensorless Controller was developed to deliver unmatched power, performance and reliability for demanding 1/8th scale racing applications. Built with high quality components and loaded with cutting edge firmware, the 150A-rated 2S to 6S LiPo-compatible ESC will protect itself from damage due to abuse, overuse, and even human error. With a high power output and adjustable parameters, the controller delivers the smooth throttle response and linear throttle/brake control even in demanding racing conditions. It also features an integrated HV BEC with 4 Amp output current, and adjustable output voltage from 6 to 8.4V. The Performa cooling technology utilises heat conductive copper bars to rapidly and effectively transfer all internal heat from the MosFET board to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminium heatsink housing. The cooling fan utilises a shock proof mounting system that reduces the possibility of fan damage due to the repeated shock of landing jumps in an 1/8 scale off road environment. The speedo also features an electronic switch, allowing settings from an integrated button while even easier programming is accessible using an optional programming box.

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September 19, 2019

Performa Racing pre-glued 1/8th buggy tyres

Performa Racing have announced the release of their new pre-glued tyres for 1/8th nitro and electric buggies. First up is the Khaos tyre that was designed for loose dirt tracks with the racing line being visible, for clay, blue groove or damp tracks. Hundreds of wide rectangular lugs spaced around the carcass provide excellent forward traction and mud-slinging ability to keep the treads clear from dirt build-up.

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July 30, 2019

HB Racing/Performa Racing RCGP Series T-shirts

Neidhart have announced the release of their limited edition HB Racing/Performa Racing RCGP Series T-shirts. These are the exact same shirts worn by the company’s team drivers at all of the RCGP events with the grey shirts featuring HB Racing, Performa Racing, and RCGP logos on the front, back, and both sleeves. The premium quality T-shirts have a comfortable fit and excellent moisture wicking in hot weather and they are available in adult S to XXXL sizes.

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July 16, 2019

Atsushi Hara appointed Neidhart Asian sales manager

Neidhart has announced the signing of 2-times IFMAR World Champion, Atsushi Hara as their Asian sales manager. Hara, who won the 2008 1/8th scale Off-Road IFMAR World Championship title with the Neidhart brand HB Racing, will now take over the position as sales manager for Asia. As such, he will be responsible for the sale of all Neidhart brands in the Asian market. Interested dealers and distributors can reach Hara at Besides his job as sales manager Asia, he will also be involved in the development of new vehicles and electronics for the HB Racing, Team Orion and Performa Racing brands while also attending select local and international events. Atsushi has the following to say about the deal:

I would like to say thanks so much to Mr. Philippe Neidhart, Oscar Jansen and Adrien Bertin for giving me this great opportunity. Also, I am very happy to come back to HB Racing as my “Home.” When I left HB Racing in 2013, I didn’t think I could come back. But now I am back with the Neidhart SA family so I have big motivation, and I’m looking forward to the future of our RC industry.

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July 12, 2019

Performa Racing P1 HMX 10 brushless controller

Performa Racing have introduced their new P1 HMX 10 brushless speed controller for 1/10th scale vehicles. To allow for simpler, more user-oriented tuning, the controller features four different pre-defined settings based on the track condition, doing away with the need to carry a programming box or computer. The four settings have been tuned by Performa Racing’s engineering team together with their World Champion drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. The settings are accessible by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the programs, Performa will offer a PC software that will allow to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure drivers don’t get lost, and keeping them in the optimal performance range.

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