June 25, 2019

Performa Racing P1 Radical 540 Qualified stock motors

Performa Racing have announced the release of their new P1 Radical 540 Qualified stock motors. The motors build on the standard Performa Radical Stock motors that were designed to deliver improved throttle response, higher efficiency, and more speed with the Qualified series variants being custom-built and hand-assembled as well as fully dyno-tested for improved performance. Other features include selected and shimmed rotors as well as adjusted sensor boards. Each motor include individual dyno print outs as quality insurance and the Qualified series is available from 10.5T to 21.5T variants.

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June 19, 2019

Performa Racing P1 Radical 540-class modified motor

Coming from Performa Racing is their new P1 Radical 540-class modified brushless motor. Developed to produce maximum power, efficiency and throttle control the motor utilises an ultra-lightweight aluminium can featuring maximised cut-outs and openings to increase the cooling surface area and improve airflow for low operation temperatures and exceptional consistency. Accurate timing settings allow many setting options in the highly competitive modified racing class. Special Radical magnets balanced on the a dual-axis machine create high RPM and low vibration. The Radical motors are equipped with ultra-low resistance soldering and the company’s unique sensor board which is compatible with standard controllers and perfectly matched for the Performa HMX controllers. High quality black and red anodising as well as laser etched logos let the motors, that are available in 4.5T to 8.5T winding variants, stand out.

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June 5, 2019

Performa Racing waterproof crawler brushless combo

Performa Racing have announced the release of their new waterproof brushless speed controller and motor combo for trail trucks and crawlers. The set includes the new Limited Red Rock Edition Radical Crawler motor and the new Radical Crawler controller. A specialised sensor technology and a crawler special staggered pole rotor deliver a new level of speed accuracy for uphill, downhill, and super slow crawling conditions. The Radical Technology provides ultra-smooth throttle control without cogging and allows precise deceleration when going down steep inclines. Included is a waterproof switch and waterproof sensor harness, making the Radical Crawler Combo water friendly so owners can enjoy the most extreme crawling adventures. The controller is set up so it can be used right out of the box and for owners that like to experiment and fine tune for ultimate control, 14 parameters can be adjusted using the electronic switch or with an optional program box. The Radical Crawler Controller is compatible with other sensored, sensorless, or brushed motors and both the ESC and motor are also available separately.

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May 1, 2019

Performa Racing sign Ryan Maifield

Performa Racing has announced that multiple time World Champion racer Ryan Maifield has signed to campaign their new line of RC products. The Mugen factory driver will use Performa Racing’s line of competition 1/8th scale electronics and he has the following to say about the deal:

I’m extremely impressed with the Performa line of products, the 1/8th electric speed control, motors and batteries are a game changer and have been a huge step forward for my race program, I’m excited to see what comes next from Performa. I will use everything at the Silver State for the first time.

Source: Performa Racing [performaracing.com]

April 30, 2019

Performa Racing D819 shock caps & bladder set

Coming from Performa Racing and made in cooperation with Fast Race are new upper shock caps for the HB Racing D819 buggy. Machined from aluminium and coming black anodised the shock caps include special bladders that ensure a more consistent handling, they add landing stability and also optimise acceleration out of corners. The caps and bladders come in sets of two caps and two bladders.

Source: Performa Racing [performaracing.com]

March 8, 2019

Performa P1 Radical 690 2100kV Modified motor

Performa Racing have announced the release of their P1 Radical 690 Modified 2100kV brushless motor for 1/8th buggies, SC trucks and on-road cars. The motor utilises a machined heatsink design aluminium can, advanced sensor technology, double-insulated winding wires as well as a precision-balanced rotor. The fully rebuildable motor is usable with all 1/8th scale brushless speed controllers and optional magnets and tuning parts allow to fine-tune its performance to personal needs.

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March 1, 2019

Performa Racing P1 Radical 690 Modified motors

Coming from Performa Racing are their new P1 Radical Sensor System 690 Modified brushless motors for 1/8th scale applications. Designed to provide superior drivability and extreme power, the Radical Sensor System is composed of a separate magnetic ring featuring four magnets that ensure precise and accurate rotor position location, helping the controller to achieve smoother throttle control. The design also protects the sensor system from being disturbed by inappropriate signals. Compatible with all controllers the motors are suitable for 1/8 buggies, SCT trucks and on-road cars.

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February 22, 2019

Performa Racing P1 nitro engines

Performa Racing have introduced their new P1 3.5 nitro engines developed by IFMAR World Champion, Adrien Bertin. First up is the Nitro 3 engine, a 3 port power plant that combines excellent fuel efficiency and run time with the traditional aggressive bottom end and strong mid through top end of a 3 port design. Made with weekly racing in mind the engine is ideal for both buggies and trucks. The second new engine is the P1 Radical 3 that provides a smooth, linear power band with strong bottom through top end. Excellent run time makes this engine ideal for buggy racers that like a smooth engine with power on tap at all times. Last but not least comes the Radical P1 7 port engine that provides tremendous torque with exceptional top end. A linear power band makes it very drivable despite the insane power of the 7 port design – ideal for buggy or truggy racing on large tracks. The engines will become available by mid-March with Performa Racing also offering specially tuned, prepared, and run-in engines carried out by Adrien himself.

Source: Performa Racing [performaracing.com]