February 4, 2020

PerfTec GraviDisk Tungsten balance weights

Dutch company PerfTec have introduced their new GraviDisk Tungsten balance weights. Designed for the use with pretty much every on-road and off-road car, the weights are of a very compact design that could be achieved by using high-density Tungsten metal, a material that offers about double the density of bronze and 2.5-times the density of steel, meaning at the same weight of a bronze or steel weight, Tungsten weights are significantly smaller, allowing for easier placement and less wasted chassis space. The basic disc design was chosen to simplify production of the unique metal in order to keep the discs affordable for racers of all levels. The weight discs have an outside diameter of 13mm and are available in two heights: 2.5mm, weighing 6g and 4.0mm, weighing in at 9.5g a piece. The stackable weights feature an inner 3mm hole, making attachment to chassis plates using spare chassis holes a breeze. The GraviDisk weights come as 2-piece sets of the same dimension/weight or as 4-piece set containing two of each weight. The set also includes stainless steel M3 mounting hardware in the form of countersunk screws and self-locking nuts – all packed in a handy stackable box that can be re-used for storing all sorts of RC hardware.

View the individual weights here