December 15, 2020

Pilot RC Products Titanium Reedy motor screw set

Pilot RC Products have announced their new Titanium Reedy motor screw set. This Grade 5 Titanium screw set is produced to perform awesome and look even better and includes a full set of both case and timing screws. The Titanium material helps shed weight while increasing strength compared to the standard steel fasteners and can better withstand the forces seen in today’s super competitive motors to ensure that your timing and amperage settings stay the same without bending or warping.

View the screw set here

November 3, 2020

Pilot RC Pill Chuck

The Pilot RC ‘Pill Chuck’ is a uniquely designed holder to organise and store your 1/10 scale offroad suspension tuning pills. This universal design will allow storage of most all popular manufacturer’s pills with each pill chuck holding up to 42 pills that can be accessed with a simple turn of the lid. Measuring at only 2 inches by 1 inch, it can be easily stowed away in your Plano box, Ogio or parts bin.

View another image of the Pill Chuck here

June 19, 2020

Pilot RC Products DR10 ceramic hybrid bearing set

Pilot RC Products have announced the release of their race-proven Pilot Orbit Ceramic Hybrid bearing set for the Team Associated DR10. The bearings are precision crafted and produced from highest grade materials governing them the ABEC rating grade 7. Grade 7 rated bearings provide a higher tolerance and a deviation of 5 μm, allowing for better performance at high RPM. The bearings come pre-oiled with 1up Clear bearing oil for ultra free bearings and increased drivetrain efficiency.

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May 12, 2020

Pilot RC Products White Edition piston drill kit

Pilot RC Products have released their new White Edition piston drill kit. The new offering is specifically designed by customer feed back as it includes new sizes that will be essential for 16mm bore shock bodies and pistons as found on Tekno and Schumacher 1/10th scale cars. In addition the sizes are more applicable to 1/8th scale buggies and truggies. New sizes include 1.1mm, 1.15mm, 1.25mm, 1.35mm, 1.45mm, 1.65mm, 1.75mm, 1.85mm, 1.95mm, and 2.9mm bits and the kit also includes an aluminium handle for effortless drilling. The bits are made from Japanese carbide and are super sharp to ensure accurate holes. The White Edition set is available separately or as combo package including the existing Grey Edition bits.

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November 5, 2019

Pilot RC Twelve Seventeen tyre prep/sander tool

Coming from Pilot RC Products is their new Twelve Seventeen tyre prep and sander tool for 1/10th and 1/8th scale wheels. In-house designed by the Pilot race team and machined in the USA, the tool is a high-grade tyre bit that can go from 12mm hexes for 1/10th scale vehicles to 17mm hexes for 1/8th scale off-road and GT vehicles. By simply undoing a set screw the 17mm adapter or 12mm hex can be chosen by simply sliding the 17mm part over the 12mm hex. To ensure long term durability the bit and 17mm adapter are machined from stainless steel. Included comes a large quick-change hand nut that is milled from high grade 7075 aluminium and that allows for fast, and precise wheel changes.

View the adapter in 17mm mode here

September 4, 2019

Pilot Orbit 1/10th buggy ceramic bearing sets

Coming from Pilot RC Products for many of today’s competition 1/10th buggy kits are Orbit ceramic ball bearings sets. The ball races are precision crafted and produced from highest grade materials governing them the ABEC rating grade 7. They are of a stainless steel rings and Si3N4 ceramic balls design and they come pre-oiled with 1up clear bearing oil for ultra free spinning and increased drivetrain efficiency. Included with each bearing kit is a complimentary bottle of 1up clear bearing lube to ensure the bearings remain properly lubed. The sets are available for many Team Associated, TLR, Yokomo and Kyosho 2WD and 4WD kits as well as the serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM.

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November 20, 2018

Pilot RC Products carbon fibre ball stud washer set

Pilot RC Products have announced their newest product in the form of the carbon fibre ball stud washer set. It features 3mm inner diameter and 7.8mm outer diameter fully carbon fibre washers that come 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm thicknesses. The set includes ten each, and they are an essential upgrade over their plastic and aluminium counterparts because they won’t tweak or flatten under pressure while remaining the lightest possible mass for the application, not to mention the exposed carbon finish for that true factory look. The washers are perfect for precise adjustment of the height of ball studs when adjusting roll centres, wheelbase, shimming suspension components and much more. The washers are usable for 4-40 and M3 ball studs and the set is available now.

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August 9, 2018

Pilot RC Products X-Rings shock seals

Pilot RC Products have introduced their new X-Rings shock seals for 1/10th Team Associated vehicles and other brands. The shock seals are made of a special material that will do away with swelling issues, ensuring smooth and like-new shock action over a very long time. The result is better bump absorption and a more predicable ride over the course of a race weekend. Included comes a sample of Pilot’s Orange shock grease and the X-rings are completely able to be wiped off, greased and re-installed time and time again. The seals come in a sealing container and are usable for Team Associated, Serpent and Kyosho 1/10th cars.

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