May 19, 2022

PN Racing V3 tire truer

PN Racing have released their new V3 tire truer allowing you to true a pair of tires at the same time. While saving time and headache, truing 2 tires at a time also ensures perfect balance between left and right side tires. Also by doing this the 2 tires are being trued at the exact same temperature so the tire surface are perfectly matching and symmetrical. Designed to work with mini-z RWD AWD wheels and there is an optional slot car wheel adapters available.

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August 6, 2020

PN Racing machined 6-spoke Mini-Z wheels

Coming from PN Racing and made for the Kyosho Mini-Z 2WD and similar palm-sized on-road cars are machined 6-spoke wheels. The white colour rims are available in narrow, medium and wide specifications to suit all tyres and track width settings. While offering a cool and sturdy design their construction allows to add different diameter carbon fibre outer slip rings that do away with the need to add unsightly CA glue walls in order to counter traction rolling in high-bite track conditions. Instead the carbon fibre rings can be attached to the outside, not only helping against traction rolling but also reinforcing the sidewall of the tyre for improved durability.

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