November 4, 2022

Power HD sign leading 1:5 driver Rick van der Bol

Power HD has announced the signing of leading 1:5 scale racer Rick van der Bol to their team.  The 3-time Dutch National Champion, IFMAR World Championship and European Championship finalist, will be using Power HD’s high torque servo T70 at forthcoming 1:5 scale national and international race events.

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September 5, 2022

Power HD sign Holdsworth brothers

Power HD has announced the signing of the Holdsworth brothers from UK which will see the Schumacher pairing use their servos in their cars.  Having some great results including both making the European Championships A Main this year, Josh and Luke will focus on reaching the very top in the 1:10 off road class in both the UK and Europe.  The brothers will use the high end powerHD S15 and S25 servos in their cars for the upcoming seasons.

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July 8, 2022

Power HD M8 & M8 Pro 1/12th pan car servo

Power HD have introduced their new 1/12th Pancar specific M8 and M8 Pro professional edition servos. Prior to release, many international drivers havd already used the servo in the 2022 EFRA European Championships 1/12 including Power HD team driver Michal Orlowski who took double TQ and win at the event. Both versions are the same apart from the mounting option. The direct mount design of the M8 Pro helps to lower the chassis’s centre of gravity, offering stronger precision and locking force resulting in smooth cornering. The servo weighs only 28.6g, even with the full aluminium casing. Coming with 25T stainless steel + 7075 aluminium gear set and the latest PCBA, the servos support various ultra-high-speed modes like SSR, SUR, SXR, SR and SFR. Both servos can work with Power HD programming box, to adjust the servos parameters.

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May 17, 2022

Power HD sign top Spanish driver Edu Escandón

Power HD have announced the signing of Spanish top driver Edu Escandón to their factory team. Edu is a World Championship podium finisher, European vice-champion and multiple Spanish Champion, he will equip his 1/10th & 1/8th nitro car with Power HD programmable servos S15 & S25. He plans to attend the upcoming Spanish Nationals and the European Championship 1/8, and also the Worlds 1/10 in Thailand.

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April 13, 2022

Kilic brothers join Power HD

Power HD has announced the signing of the Kilic brothers from Germany, who are among the top drivers in the world. Burak Kilic and his younger brother Berkan Kilic focus on the 1/8th nitro, 1/8th EP and 1/10th off-road classes and have shown many national and international successes including multiple German championship titles, European championship 3rd place as well as countless other international final participations or podium. Burak and Berkan will use Power HD high end brushless servos S15, S25, S35 and T50 in the forthcoming local or international racing events.

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April 6, 2022

Power HD W50-360° & T70-12V servos

Coming from Power HD is their professional winch servo W50-360° and 12V high voltage crawler servo T70-12V. The W50-360 degree winch servo, has a maximum output torque of 50KG/cm, working on the VP-VS4-10 chassis and other modified winch models. This full aluminium case servo is equipped with steel towing rope, metal spool and hook, etc. and can be easily retractable and controlled through a multi-channel receiver. The T70-12V high voltage steering servo has a maximum output torque of 70KG/cm, separate wiring for signal and power supply. You can directly connect to the balance connector of 3S LiPo batteries for power supply, which offers sufficient current for the servo to work at its best performance. This T70-12V servo is ideal for 1/5th, 1/8th, 1/10th crawler and monster.

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March 4, 2022

Power HD sign Kyle Branson to their team

Power HD has announced the signing of top British driver Kyle Branson to their team. The multiple IFMAR and EFRA finalist, and Vice World/European champion will be using Power HD high-end low profile S15-X servo in his Xray X4 touring cars and S15 servo in his Nitro NT1 cars in major races for 2022, including 1:10th IFMAR ISTC world championships, EFRA 1:10th EP/GP championships along with all BRCA Touring car nationals and other major events.

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March 1, 2022

Power HD D15 servo & G1 gyro combo set

Power HD has launched their new D15 programable servo and G1 gyro combo set for drift car, now with matching colours. Available in anodised purple or red, the servo & gyro combo can now better match your car and with the servo wire’s location adjustable you can also have much cleaner wiring. The programmable D15 servo has precise matching steel gear set, pulls up to 18kg-cm of torque at 8.4V with a speed of 0.085s and weighs 55g. The G1 gyro has a so called Dual System that can adapt to different tracks and driver habits, the unit offers adjustable end point settings and it is compatible with high voltage servos.

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