April 7, 2021

Raceform 1/8 Pro body post lazer tracer

From Raceform this 1/8 onroad specific Pro body post lazer tracer claims to be the only tool that is able to trace the position of the body post, perfectly and precisely, onto the bodyshell in preparation for reaming. Clear or painted, it saves you time and stress and might change how we locate the body post position. Your body will look better than ever, improved consistency between changing bodies and it saves you from messing up your nicely painted body. Especially in 1/8 On-road, the front post is slanted towards the front and even locating the holes on a clear body is challenging due to parallax error. This Tool eliminates all the errors.

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January 13, 2021

Raceform carbon fibre graphic setup decals

Singapore based Raceform have introduced this new line of carbon fibre graphic setup decals. Upgrade the looks of any setup board, or maintain the looks of your carbon setup board, with this high quality scratch and liquid resistant decals. The ‘Superglide’ surface allows any setup systems to slide smoothly for a more precise setup. Track Width measurements and adjustments are made super easy to read with the dual coluored 1mm grid line and the decals come in 4 sizes for different classes, 1/10 & 1/12 Onroad (281mm x 385mm), 1/10 Offroad (320mm x 385mm), 1/8 Onroad & 1/8 GT (398mm x 545mm) and 1/8 Offroad Buggy & Truggy & 1/10 SCT (448mm x 561mm).

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April 2, 2019

Raceform RC Lazer 1/10th SC tyre glueing jig

Coming from Raceform RC is a dedicated Lazer series tyre glueing jig for 1/10th short course tyres. The tool helps to easily and conveniently glue SC tyres, ensuring reliable bonding of rubber and rim. The jig is convertible for the use with 1/8th buggy tyres and the first batch will even include the conversion for free. The tool is made of high-quality polycarbonate material and it is available now.

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January 2, 2019

Raceform EB/ET410 V2 electronic tray

Coming from Raceform is their V2 electronic tray for the Tekno RC EB410 and ET410 kits. Of a stronger and more durable design the item is made of a new material with stress areas having been eliminated, making for improved overall rigidity. In addition the a new 4-piece design ensures the tray can be rebuild with spare parts if needed. The tray was developed to ensure easy transponder, receiver, speedo and capacitor mounting for a cleaner looking installation and it is a drop fit with no chassis modification required.

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December 4, 2018

Raceform Lazer large work pit

Coming from Raceform is their new large Lazer work pit. Of a stackable design the work pit integrates with the differential rebuild pit and it offers milled slots for easy pick up of shims, all while helming to improve pit area space management. The parts tray is precisely machined from plexiglas, it measures 156x168x10mm and weighs in at a lightweight 170g. A lower anti-slip foam makes for safe and convenient working and the work pit is available in eight different colours including orange, blue, red, green, purple, white, grey and yellow.

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October 30, 2018

Raceform 1/8th Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter

Raceform have introduced their new Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter for 1/8th on-road cars. The tool ensures a 100 percent symmetrical wheel arc left and right and it also eliminates the pain of damaging a wonderfully painted shell during trimming of the wheel arc. The tool works with any standard hobby knife blade and offers an adjustable arc diameter of 70mm up to 80mm. The secured positioning design ensures that tool will not move if two or more cuts are required. The cutter features triple ball bearings for smooth movement, it is super safe to use and suitable for polycarbonate bodies of up to 1mm of thickness.

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October 3, 2018

Raceform ET410 V2 polycarbonate shock towers

Raceform have released ET410 specific V2 shock towers that are made of a new high-impact modified polycarbonate. They are precisely machined and tested for durability with the rear tour being suitable for rear shock front position conversion with multiple camber locations. M3 threaded camber holes eliminate the use of a nut in order to save weight while calculated flex at critical areas saves gearboxes and shock standoffs. The front tower weighs in at 11g while the rear tower weighs 17g.

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August 1, 2018

Raceform RC wheel arc cutter

Raceform RC have introduced their all-new wheel arc cutter for 1/10th scale on-road body shells. The tool is adjustable from 60mm to 70mm diameter and it works with any standard hobby knife blade. The ball-raced design ensures fully round wheel arcs and the secured position design will make sure the tool stays in place even when a second or third cut is necessary, eliminating unsightly second cut lines. Due to the tool’s design the blade is not exposed during cutting, ensuring save and convenient usage with bodies of up to 1mm thickness.

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