May 5, 2020

MTS T3M 2020 mid-motor touring car

Coming soon is the MTS T3M 2020 mid-motor electric touring car kit. The car builds on a class-standard carbon fibre double deck chassis construction, however its symmetrical design allows swap the batter and servo, motor and speed controller around which allows more control over the weight bias when conditions are calling for kit. The centre bulkhead and motor mount is made up from two identical brackets that make for a sturdy mid section, shifting twisting points further out for more control over the overall chassis flex. The suspension utilises MTS’ proven carbon fibre plate design with aluminium pivot balls while blade-type front and rear anti-roll bars reduce chassis roll during cornering. The car is also equipped with new ultra short shock absorbers whose inner conical shape makes for a progressive shock action and thus improved car control on very high-bite surfaces while the steering utilises a unique direct drive single bellcrank setup which avoids unwanted influence on chassis tweak during cornering. Other features include widely adjustable chassis flex, a fully adjustable battery mount, a 30mm/40mm fan mount bracket and titanium-nitride-coated 10.9 steel screws. The kit will become available very soon.

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October 11, 2019

MTS T3 mid-motor conversion kit

Coming soon from MTS is a mid-motor conversion kit for their T3 electric touring car. The set includes a new lower chassis plate, multi-piece motor and layshaft mount, a C-shaped centre bar to adjust chassis stiffness and included is also a reversible upper deck that allows to fine-tune the stiffness of the front or rear end of the car by flipping it around, swapping between a split and solid setting. In addition the torsional flex of the top deck is adjustable using included carbon fibre plates that help to reinforce the top plate. The set is rounded out by a new spur gear mount, front and and rear belts as well as carbon fibre battery locators.

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July 18, 2019

Bezerk MTS T2/3 battery hooks

Bezerk RC have released a new option part for the RaceOpt T2 and T3 touring car in the form of a battery hooks set. The battery posts are located as close to the side and centre of the battery as possible to reduce the stress on the upper retaining tab while the 5mm thick battery hooks are beefy enough to take a beating and high enough to keep the battery in its place. The mounting holes are slotted to allow a small amount of left/right adjustment and the 3mm upper tabs look minimal in size but due to their placement are more than up to the task. Bezerk recommend shimming the upper battery tab up around 0.5mm above the battery to reduce any chances of tweak. The kit includes two battery hooks, two battery tabs and two black alloy hex standoffs. Other options include shorter standoffs for very low batteries – standard 17mm, option 15mm – and they are also available in silver.

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November 5, 2018

MTS T3 4WD touring car kit – Prototype images

Race Opt have released a couple of prototype images of their forthcoming MTS T3 4WD electric touring car kit. The car is based on a conventional carbon fibre double deck chassis constructions, however it uses sheet-type carbon fibre A-arms front and rear as well as blade-type anti-roll bars as they were common in 1/8th and 1/10th IC Track racing. Other features will include low-profile aluminium shock absorbers, a carbon fibre upper deck with integrated flex control system as well as a floating battery positioning system. Full details will become available in time for the release.

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July 20, 2018

Race Opt T3-01 alloy front fork adapter

Coming from Race Opt and made for Tamiya’s popular T3-01 Dancing Rider trike is the an aluminium front fork adapter. The item was designed to replace the standard plastic part for a more precise and durable item that also adds some visual impact thanks to its shiny blue anodising. The adapter is a direct replacement and it is available from now on.

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May 31, 2018

Race Opt MTC1 4WD mini conversion set

Race Opt have released first images of their 4WD mini conversion kit for the Mugen MTC1 touring car. It is understood that the set will include all needed parts to convert Mugen’s 1/10th electric tourer into a competition-grade M-type 4WD car and thus the set will utilise a new carbon fibre main chassis and top deck, new carbon fibre shock towers and also updated, narrow track width suspension parts. The conversion is currently shipping and full information about the specifications and features should become available soon.

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April 4, 2018

Race Opt T3-01 carbon fibre conversion kit

Coming soon from Race Opt is a carbon fibre conversion kit for the Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider trike. The chassis conversion set is a direct replacement for the standard moulded plastic parts and offers benefits such as a lower weight for improved performance, higher rigidity for better steering as well as more space to install the electronics while also allowing to play with weight distribution. In addition the battery tray is height adjustable using two screws for easy centre of gravity tuning. For those who wish to race the chassis also has a dedicated mounting location for AMB transponders. The complete set will hit stores soon.

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March 16, 2018

Race Opt MTS T2 limited edition conversion kit

Race Opt have introduced a limited edition chassis conversion kit for the MTS T2 electric touring car. The set included a new carbon fibre lower deck, a new 1-piece upper deck, as well as updated front and rear bulkheads and bulkhead covers for easier belt tension and diff height adjustment. Also included are improved anti-roll bar mounts for reduced play, an updated inner servo mount that allows for proper LiPo battery spacing, a single piece motor mount with chassis flex adjustment and last but not last a centre carbon fibre brace to adjust pitch flex.

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