April 24, 2017

Race Opt touring car body height adjusters

Race Opt have introduced their new body height adjusters for touring car kits. Making use of a common design, the adjusters allow to easily fine-tune the body height in a 3.5mm to 4mm range with the rear parts sporting a unique design that is meant to improve overall downforce and rear traction as the body rests on enlarged platforms which results in optimised body shell support. Each height adjuster weighs in at about a gram and it is understood that the sets are available separately for the front and the rear.

View the rear body height adjusters here

March 22, 2017

RaceOPT progressive 1/8th GT shock springs

RaceOPT have introduced three High Response progressive shock springs for 1/8th GT cars. Using 2.3mm to 2.5mm wires, the springs are available as hard 3.2-4.2, medium 3.2-3.8 and soft 3.2-3.4 variant all of which offer a soft initial hardness and increasing stiffness upon compression, resulting in less traction rolling issues while improving steering response. The springs come in sets of two and they are colour-coded for easy identification.

Source: RaceOPT [race-opt.com]

December 21, 2016

RaceOPT Progressive Dynamic touring car springs

RaceOPT have announced the release of their new Progressive Dynamic high response touring car springs. Made from 1.4mm wire and featuring a progressive design the springs improve steering response while offering controlled suspension dive, resulting in optimised side bite and traction. The colour-coded springs are available in the three types of 2.5-2.9, 2.5-3.1 and 2.5-3.3 all of which are available separately.

View the other springs here