June 8, 2018

RC Belgium Cougar KC conversion kit

RC Belgium has introduced a new conversion kit for the Schumacher Cougar KC buggy. Designed to make the KC even more versatile, the kit features three new transmission positions: Position 1.5 utilises a 108T belt for high grip conditions, position 2.5 uses a 74T belt for high grip conditions and position 3.5 runs a 62T belt for medium grip. Position 1.5 and 2.5 are best used when grip is high to very high such as on carpet. Position 3.5 is ideal for medium grip astro. A 16T pulley removes the need for the idler gears and creates a new internal ratio of 1.875:1. The kit is compatible with a total of 52 different belts ranging from 62T to 114T while the same pair of topdecks is used for all the transmission positions. The chassis and topdeck design also makes it possible to fine-tune the motor position as well as the battery position. Optional LiPo straps are included to remove the side pods for additional flex characteristics.

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March 27, 2018

RC Belgium roll out new option parts

RC Belgium have introduced several option parts for the Schumacher KC and KD as well as the Kyosho Scorpion series of vintage re-release buggies. First up is a belt pulley for the Schumacher KC buggy. The pulley removes the need for the idler gears resulting in a 30 grams weight gain. Other advantages are less friction, a lower point of inertia and faster disassembly of the transmission. Fitment is secured by two grub screws. Also new is a LiPo strap compatible with the Schumacher KC and KD buggy. The new strap uses the original LiPo stops for a secure fit and for additional flex the side pods are not used. Next up is a steering set designed for the Kyosho re-release Scorpion, Beetle, Tomahawk and Turbo Scorpion. Featuring 2 ball bearings, the steering set replaces the original servo saver for a smoother and more durable steering. Last but not last is a carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Scorpion and all respective cars. It features two additional holes for more settings possibilities.

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