July 24, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri RC8B3.2 upper arm wings

Coming from RC Carbon Cavalieri is a carbon fibre upper arm wing set for the Team Associated RC8B3.2 buggy. Moulded from high-quality carbon fibre and coming including mounting hardware the flap wings are a direct fit and they allow to fine-tune the aerodynamic package of the buggy, helping with high-speed steering and overall balance during jumping.

Source: RC Carbon Cavalieri [carbon-cavalieri.com]

July 23, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri XB4 carbon fibre shock towers

Made for Xray’s popular XB4 buggy are new geometry front and rear shock towers from RC Carbon Cavalieri. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the front shock tower features a new -2mm geometry while the rear shock stay is of -3mm specification, resulting in lower mounted shock absorbers and more suspension droop which can be beneficial in certain track conditions. The shock towers are available separately from now on.

View the rear shock tower here

July 15, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri S35-3E carbon fibre fan mount

Following the introduction of the carbon fibre fan mount for the SWorkz 35-4E, RC Carbon Cavalieri now also offer the part specifically designed for the older specification yet still popular S35-3E. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the fan mount attaches to the centre bulkhead of the buggy and it utilises most 40mm x 40mm fan units, allowing for efficient and reliable motor cooling as the fan is hovering above the motor can.

View another image here

June 20, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri S35-4E carbon fan support

MW RC Cars from Austria have introduced the new RC Carbon Cavalieri carbon fibre fan support for the SWorkz S35-4E buggy. The part is machined from high-quality materials, it was developed for the use with 40mm fan units and attaches to the centre bulkhead assembly with the fan being placed over the motor for improved heat dissipation.

View another image here

May 29, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri S35-4 carbon fibre optionals

MW RC Cars have introduced new RC Carbon Cavalieri carbon fibre option parts for the SWorkz S35-4 buggy. The range includes front and rear carbon fibre shock towers, a lightweight carbon fibre radio box cover, LiPo holder brackets for the battery tray that allow for improved battery positioning, and it is rounded out by a carbon fibre wing washer. All parts are precision-machined from high-quality carbon fibre and they are available from now on.

View the other new parts here

April 28, 2020

RC Carbon Cavalieri carbon front scoops

RC Carbon Cavalieri from Germany have introduced their updated carbon fibre front scoops, wings that were designed to attach to the front gearboxes of many of today‘s 1/8th off-road buggies. The updated variants come pre-cut and painted with a heavy duty glossy varnish, ensuring better fitting and improved durability. The scoops include a mounting screw and a bit for drilling the required mounting hole and they are available in a Mod.1 variant for Team Associated, Hobao, Mugen, Serpent, and SWorkz buggies and also in a Mod.2 variant for Agama, HB Racing, JQRacing, TLR, and Xray kits.

View the Mod.2 front scoop here

October 30, 2019

RC Carbon Cavalieri D819 IBR rear shock tower

RC Carbon Cavalieri from Germany have introduced their new IBR rear carbon fibre shock tower for the HB Racing D819 and D817v2 buggies. Machined from high-quality aluminium the shock tower utilises three different wing mounting positions, allowing to mount the win in +7mm, +11mm and +15mm positions which allows to fine-tune overall downforce and car behaviour during jumping. It is understood that the shock geometry matches the standard shock tower.

Source: RC Carbon Cavalieri [carbon-cavalieri.com]