September 29, 2022

RC Maker 3D Car Stacker for 1:10 Offroad & Nitro Onroad

Following on from the success of their 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker for 1:10 & 1:12 Onroad, RC Maker has introduced a larger version of the stand to cater 1:10 Offroad, 1:10 and 1:8 Nitro Onroad and No Prep Drag Cars. Sporting a mostly carbon fibre construction, both upper and lower arms have adjustable height. This stacker allows plenty of room to store your cars with a huge 170mm distance between the upper and lower level. The 3/4mm CNC Machined Carbon Fibre gives a stylish look, along with the super high quality 3d printed stand. The carbon can be removed from the stand by only removing two screws that attach the carbon to the base. The carbon features two 7075 Aluminium standoffs for rigidity which can be easily removed with 2 screws. So 4 screws removed and you can flat pack it for travelling! The base contains several voids for holding screws, shims, body clips and many other parts, handy for keeping things clean.

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August 18, 2022

RC Maker 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker

RC Maker have added this new 3D Pro Carbon Car Stacker to their extensive range of pit table accessories. Pit space is always tight at a big race, and running multiple classes you end up finding no space to store your cars! They get shoved under the table or end up in your buddy’s pit space next to you. Well that’s now a thing of the past; with this car stacker that stores up to 3 chassis, which could be either 1/12th, F1 or 190mm TC!  This keeps everything in one spot so you can be and feel organised, knowing at a glance what cars are prepared or not. It free’s up bench space to do the wrenching you need to do, and whatever car you need is at arms length.

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August 17, 2022

RC Maker Awesomatix Damper Piston Height Set Tools

RC Maker has produced this new Damper Piston Height Tool to help make building your Awesomatix D2.2 Dampers a breeze! When assembling the dampers, it’s important to ensure the P63 piston is at the correct height throughout the build and upon completion. Traditionally you would need to keep checking and pushing the piston back down throughout the build.  That’s where these handy tools come in! They screw down inside the damper shaft and touch the top of the P63 to correctly set the height. This way you can forget about needing to check it throughout the build. The tools can be screwed in and out with your fingers or a 2mm driver into the end.

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July 29, 2022

RC Maker Premium Setup Station for 1/10th TC

RC Maker have introduced one of our biggest releases to date, their brand new Premium Setup Station for 1/10th Touring Car. 2 years in the making, this stylish setup station builds on conventional, proven designs and provides added convenience and elegance. We felt no need to re-invent the wheel on the basic concept of the setup station, and thus we took all the things we didn’t like about conventional setup stations and improved upon them. The frame of the setup station is manufactured from high quality 7075 Aluminium with a black anodising and striking silver chamfered edges. It features a traditional dual ball bearing setup, as well as ball bearings on the bottom of the camber frame.

View more images & details of the Setup Station here

July 16, 2022

RC Maker BD11 carbon options

RC Maker has released a ton of new option parts for the new Yokomo BD11 in the same vein as that of previous car releases. There is RC Maker’s well now slimflex top decks in both 1.6mm and 2mm variants as well as their centraflex top decks in the same two thicknesses. There is a front carbon bumper mount with 5mm brace that not only looks great but is very strong. For the steering of the BD11 there is the very durable carbon RTC steering arms and they also have a handy steering limiter set which allows for 3 different steering lock angles. There are also the full line of flex options with flex dampeners for the front bulkhead as well as the front of the top deck, a rigid flex brace for the front bulkhead and a rear bulkhead stiffener shim plate to complete the set. There is also a a carbon top deck flex reduction insert and finally RC Maker’s Tweak stick set has been updated for the new car with update end plates.

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June 14, 2022

RC Maker MTC2 carbon upper bulkhead set

RC Maker introduce their brand new carbon upper bulkheads for the Mugen MTC2. These 2.5mm CNC Machined Upper Bulkheads allow more flex on the caster axis and provide improved traction for your MTC2 Chassis. 3 Different Versions provide different caster settings for all tuning options front and rear. Front Caster is a great tuning option to balance between high and low speed steering. Less caster provides more low speed steering for technical tracks, while more caster provides more high speed steering for fast, flowing tracks. Rear Caster on modern chassis’ defines the rear wheelbase. More rear caster shortens the wheelbase for smaller, more technical tracks where rotation from the rear is required. Less rear caster lengthens the wheelbase which provides support and stability for more open, high speed tracks where confidence in the rear is required to push. The plates use the original pill inserts and also feature the same thickness, leaving all geometry unchanged.

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April 1, 2022

RC Maker TC body height adjuster set

RC Maker have released their brand new carbon body height adjuster set for touring cars. Featuring a simple and effective design, these super lightweight adjusters make it easier than ever to find tune the height of the bodyshell, without having to remove any pins, clips or o-rings. The adjusters feature 3 different height settings at 0.75mm increments (2.25mm of movement). They slide over the body post and locate on a 2mm pin and the assembly is then held in place by an o-ring which is slightly recessed into the top of the adjuster. To adjust the height, simply slide the adjuster and o-ring up, rotate it to a different slot and seat it back down. The adjuster can also be used on horizontal rear posts, and with their HRP System. This provides the body the perfect stopper to prevent excessive movement in the rear or damage when hit from behind. The adjusters are very light-weight coming in at only 0.5g and fit all popular touring cars with a 6mm post.

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March 25, 2022

RC Maker Tekno NB48 2.0 carbon tank gaurd

RC Maker have introduced their carbon tank guard for the Tekno NB48 2.0 Buggy. The carbon tank guard shields the tank from heat generated by the exhaust, which can heat up fuel and cause damage to your fuel tank. It guard protects the tank from melting in crashes that may cause the pipe to get knocked inwards next to the tank. For installation, simply drill two holes in the upper catchment section of the tank, install your preferred M3x8 Screws and M3 Locknuts, and tighten. The guard can be used with the fuel line clips also to keep everything neat and tidy. The tank guard is 1mm thick and CNC Machined in Australia from high quality carbon fibre and features a nice CNC engraved RC MAKER Logo.

View an image of the guard mounted