December 21, 2020

RC Prostyle line of LiPo batteries

RC Prostyle have released their all new line of hard case LiPo batteries. The new line offers more capacity with the same or even less weight and is available in a very wide range of type, uses and capacities. Using Graphene HV4 chemistry, in stick pack form with bullet connectors there are 5800mAh, 6700mAh, 7000mAh, 8500mAh & 9400mAh versions, while in shorty configuration there is 4100mAh, 5500mAh and 6000mAh. In 4S packs you can have a 7000mAh, 5200mAh, 7800mAh & 8500mAh variants, with all but the 7800 version coming with pre fitted cables.

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June 25, 2020

RC Prostyle multi-purpose bag

RC Prostyle have introduced their new multi-purpose bag. Offering a robust construction and zipped compartments, the bag is ideal to store and carry items such as chargers, batteries, tools, accessories, spares, and many more. A colourful logo makes the black colour bag stand out.

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July 5, 2019

RC Prostyle 750W server-style power supply

Coming from RC Prostyle is their new server-style 750W power supply. It features six output channels equipped with 4mm bullet-type tube connectors, two XT60 connector outputs as well as a 24W QC3.0/2.0 USB port. The device is usable with 110V to 240VAC input and it is capable of up to 60A of output current – enough to power a full fleet of chargers, tyre warmers and pit lamps. The power supply weighs in at 1.024kg, it measures 215x87x40mm and comes including a European-style power cord.

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September 14, 2017

RC Prostyle MTC1 carbon battery mount & fan mounts

RC Prostyle have introduced first option parts for Mugen’s brand new MTC1 1/10th electric touring car in the form of carbon fibre battery mounts and fan mounts made from the same material. Starting with the battery retainers, the set includes front and rear battery brackets machined from carbon fibre to replace the standard moulded composite parts while also utilising a tape-less mounting system using carbon fibre plates. The set is a direct replacement for the standard parts and it not only speed up battery swaps but also does away with tweak issues associated with using fibre reinforced tape to strap the battery down. Also new and made as a direct fit for the MTC1 are carbon fibre motor fan mounts. Available for 30mm and 40mm fans the braces attach directly to the layshaft mount, making for a floating and thus tweak-free design.

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July 26, 2017

RC Prostyle X1 2.25mm carbon fibre chassis

Coming from RC Prostyle is a 2.25mm carbon fibre chassis set for the Xray X1 formula car. Constructed from high-grade U.S. made carbon fibre the chassis was designed especially for asphalt racing in medium to high-grip conditions. The super-narrow design and raised side links increase ground clearance during cornering which results in less scrubbing and improved corner speed. Included come two types of link plates, one for the standard Xray links and one for shorter 65mm links such as the ones used by Roche or Yokomo – using the shorter links will help gain on-power steering. Included in the set are the chassis, rear pod plate, side link plates as well as mounting hardware.

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July 13, 2017

RC Pro Style 1/8th electric motor fan mount

Coming from RC Pro Style and made for most 1/8th scale electric brushless motors is a clamping design aluminium fan mount. The construction allows to attach two 40mm fan units which will greatly improve motor cooling and thus overall performance especially during longer mains or when running in high ambient temperatures. The fan mount is machined from high-quality aluminium, it comes black anodised and with an engraved RC Pro Style logo.

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June 27, 2017

RC Prostyle T4 aluminium & carbon battery mount

Spanish company RC Prostyle have introduced their new LiPo battery mount for the Xray T4 series of electric touring cars. Constructed from machined carbon fibre and orange anodised 7075 aluminium, the mount allows to shift the battery pack forth and back as well as to the side a couple of millimetres while the upper carbon fibre brackets keep the battery in place, doing away with the usual tape and ensuring tweak-free battery mounting. The battery mount will hit stores very soon.

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January 16, 2017

Pro Style power Robert Batlle for 2017

RC Pro Style have announced the signing of Robert Batlle to their team. The record Spanish National and former World Champion will use the company’s high-performance LiPo battery packs in 2017 and he has the following to say about the deal:

Rc Pro Style will be my new battery supplier for all classes that I race. I would like to thank Daniel for all the confidence he has placed in me and my team for this new year. I hope to be able to spread the word about this Spanish brand wherever we go!

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